“Creation Energies” the free, 15-minute, weekly channeled radio show available at Life Tapestry Creations.com or blogtalkradio.com. My April 11th radio show described that for the first time everyone on earth is moving in the same direction at the same time.

Dear Ones,

Let us address an issue we alluded to during our most recent radio show.

Many people you now know will either ignore your interest in New Age philosophies or try to dissuade you from delving further into them. They will perhaps make fun of you, be angry or even pretend that you are not part of that “weird stuff.”

Such are not bad people – as some of you believe. Merely people who have not yet jumped on the New Age “bandwagon.” Those people laughing at you now will be seeking similar information within a few weeks or months.

This New Age transition is changing your world and the Universes. As we noted during our radio show earlier this week, this is the first time on earth that all are moving in the same direction at the same time.

This transition is not for a few as was true for the industrial revolution. Or even for the masses as was the case with the religions now dominant in most of the world. This New Age transition is extremely unusual for it will touch everyone.

How will those in the mountains of Peru or the jungles of Africa learn of this transition – much less be a part of it? Ah. That is what makes this transition so unique. It is a transition of a magnitude that has never been attempted on earth or any inhabited planet since the beginning of time.

Granted, the industrial revolution and major religions affected most parts of the globe eventually. But never has one philosophy, one direction been attempted world-wide. And never has the amount of time to do so been so limited.

We have long told you that this transition would be complete in years, not generations. We have stated that those of you reading these materials would be able to live within that shift in this lifetime.

We have also stated on several occasions that there will be those who, for whatever reason, will not be part of this transition even though they will live on earth during your lifetime. That is fine. They, as is true for everyone on earth, will be exposed to the materials in whatever way best meets their needs and interests.

Does that mean that the people who are illiterate will learn of the New Age? Most definitely. Does that also mean that those who live in the jungles, the arctic and other environments, that seem to prevent obtaining information available to the general masses, will also become familiar with New Age philosophies? Most definitely.

Many o f you might find such claims not quite believable. Do not fret. It is an accurate description.

Let us return to earth history. Both the Christian and Muslim religions spread throughout the world despite the lack of modern communication systems or modes of transportation. Even though both religions required hundreds of years to gain their current dominance, they were initiated during times when most were illiterate.

Today, you not only have rapid, global communication and transportation systems, you have new personal communication skills that allow you to express your thoughts and beliefs throughout the world.

Does a computer make such communications easier? Not necessarily. In truth, computers are rapidly becoming resources, rather than communication tools. You no longer need a computer or telephone to communicate with someone hundreds, thousands or millions of miles away.

Now you are laughing at us. We beg to differ. How many of you receive e-mails or letters from others begging you to think a certain thought at a certain time to help this person or that country? And how many of you have done so fully believing that your thought processes will help? Why do you suppose that the same is not true for you individually?

A computer makes it easier for you to communicate with others because you believe that it is so. Just as a telephone call is easier than a letter. We remind you that as each of those communication modes was introduced, there were naysayers. So it is now true for communicating without a compute or any mechanical device you can envision.

You can continue to use telephones or computers – but you no longer need to.

Do you now understand how the world will accept and move into the New Age within one generation? The thought processes that you exude as you move further into the New Age will touch others. Your vibrations will expand throughout the earth and the heavens to shift beliefs and directions throughout the Universes.

Which returns us to our original thought. Many people you now know will not find your interest in New Age philosophies interesting or logical. Within a few years, those same people will be hungry for New Age information.

As you shift your thought processes and beliefs, you are shifting the earth and the Universes as surely as if you were able to talk to everyone individually. This transition is the largest yet attempted by the Universes. And it is moving much more rapidly than anyone, including us, thought possible.

Every time you find yourself interested in a New Age book, thought process, blog, television show, radio show or any medium, you are shifting your belief patterns and those of the Universes.

Even though it does not yet seem as if love is the key element on earth, it will – and in a much shorter time than any of you can imagine. Allow others to laugh at you or ignore you. It does not matter. The New Age is here and you will experience the overall joy of it in this lifetime – whether you are 8 or 80.

Live and move in peace. You are but one of thousands of New Age drums that will change the rhythm of the Universes. So be it. Amen.

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Brenda Hoffman is an internationally noted author, prophet and channeler. Her most quoted book is the channeled, classic, "A Glimpse of Your Future".

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