This writing deals with a burden that most humans carry in life. This burden begins when we begin to become aware of ourselves. You see most of the training of society is set up with rules that try to make us all the same. Yet we are genuine and unique so it is impossible for us to all have the same feelings and thoughts about things. So why do we create rules or even try to live up to rules that do not fit us? When we see someone trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, we realize how futile that is. Why then do we not notice that same futility when it comes to people?

This shame becomes even more prevalent when we begin school and start interacting with others. This is especially difficult for those of us who have not been encouraged to stand up for our own thoughts and belief. We have so much to say about peer pressure, yet we are the ones that give our children the training to be followers. Followers are bred by making authority outside of ourselves. We judge negatively anything that does not fit our set of beliefs and we fail to realize that it is fear motivated by ignorance.

This is probably why in the Bible it is said “Judgement is mine says the Lord”.

I know that the shame that people carry is mostly because for years most of us try to fit in rather than be ourselves. If we are doing that, we know that we are rarely feeling good about ourselves, and when we are not feeling good about ourselves, we find it necessary to criticize and belittle others.

Well, let me tell you, look at a baby and you will know how free and happy GOD wanted us to be. The title of this writing came to me as I was looking at my partner change our grandson. He laid there with soil diapers with a big smile on his face. “NO SHAME IN HIS GAME!!! We need to find a way to get back to that, and stop living our lives from someone else’s opinion or we are not living our life.

Let us all live the life we were meant to live and for some of us, we will need to take time to discover who we are. We have been following rules for so long that all we do is live our life through the portal of RIGHT OR WRONG. Begin to know this, even right and wrong is relative. We must examine our mind, our heart and our soul to find what is really the life we are to live, and we will find that once we do this, life for us will be a miracle.

Love, appreciation and light.

Zoila Blanco
Life Coach & Author

Author's Bio: 

I am a life coach & Author. My book tittle is "Know Thyself Tell Your Truth and Have a Great Life". I am also an entrepreneur committed to teaching others that ultimately we are our own security and we ought include other options to just having a JOB. My passion is specificially for our youth.