5 Tips for Your Year End Banquet

The end of the school year is quickly approaching, and that means it is almost time for the big year end banquet as well. This may seem like a complicated and even difficult endeavor to plan and coordinate; however, these simple tips can help you host the perfect event with simplicity and ease.

1. Establish Your Budget

The very first step you should take is to establish your budget. This well placed effort will act as the foundation of your entire event and help simplify and streamline your remaining tasks. After determining an overall budget, decide the main areas into which you need to divide the funds. Your budget list may include sections comprised of venue, menu, decorations, entertainment, awards, etc. Once all of your budget is complete, you can move forward and begin utilizing the funds accordingly.

2. Choose Your Venue, Menu, & Decorations

The most important step in determining the venue for your year end banquet is to research possible locations in the area and call around. Call, call, call. And when choosing, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it located close enough for everyone to travel to and from easily?
  • Will the space be large enough? How many attendees in total are you expecting?
  • What kind of atmosphere would be best for this event?
  • What food do they offer, or will you need to cater the event?

Depending on the venue you choose, your menu decision may already be complete, or limited to a selection of options within the establishment. If you choose a location that does not provide food, like a gymnasium, you will need to decide on a catering company to supply your event. When establishing the menu, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the menu provide enough of a variety for the guests?
  • Am I accounting for vegetarians, vegans, and other diets and preferences?
  • What selection of drinks will be offered? Will we serve both cold/iced and hot beverages? Should we use beverage urns?

Decorations can be elaborate or simple. They can be modern or vintage, colorful or monochromatic, unique and creative or authentic and traditional. Whatever your mind envisions can be accomplished, and it may be much simpler than you expect. Creating a small team of decorating helpers can help immensely, as well as purchasing supplies in bulk. You can choose to go a little overboard and create a bold and captivating atmosphere, or make a huge statement with just a little charm and flare. Items to consider for decorations can include:

  • Flowers (live or nylon), greenery, vases
  • Streamers, ribbons, bows, balloons, posters and other signage
  • Tablecloths, napkins, runners, and other tableware
  • Confetti, name and/or table number cards, bottles of bubbles or other party favors
  • Candles (real or fake) and other lighting

3. Who’s Invited? Is it the whole class or stand out stars?

Establish a guest list for your year end celebration. Is the entire school or grade invited or just stand out stars and super achievers? Are you planning to invite parents and families, teachers, and other employees? Considering the space of the venue, determine the maximum number of attendees, and from there you can make your decision about the specific invitations. Be sure to keep comfort in mind and not overcrowd the space with too many individuals.

4. Awards & Acknowledgements - Academic, Artistic, Sportsmanship, Teachers, Coaches, Mentors, Etc.

Begin by creating a list of categories for recognition and specific awards and acknowledgements to take place during the celebration. Would you like to award just students, or teachers, coaches, and faculty as well? Your list of acknowledgements can include a variety of academic areas, sportsmanship, artistic achievement, musical talents, most improved, highest scores, and countless other topics. Think about who your event will celebrate and honor.

There's certainly no shortage of award types and products available for purchase or customization. From acrylic, to larger cup-style trophies, crystal awards, plaques and signs, modern glass trophies, medal and ribbons, and more! The type of award you choose for your banquet can be customized too!

5. Have Fun!

Finally, the best part and the most important factor of your year end banquet is the fun and celebration that your guests will enjoy due to your hard work and diligent preparation. And that includes yourself as well. Remember, the end goal is to provide the means to experience the best time possible for all involved.

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