It’s quite extraordinary how we can move our focus from crisis to crisis - financial, personal, health, relationships, global. It’s as if there is always one ready and waiting in the wings to trap or ensnare us in this melee we call life. Yet in the midst of it all there is something of a heartfelt condition where we cherish a part of us that is never really touched or can never really have its fire put out. This has to be that soul-felt place where the spark that lights your world will emanate from.
We seem to fight a battle on two fronts; one which seems to endanger everything we have and the other which is the inner truth and reality that we hold on to. Recognising our humanity and our vulnerability is the first step of beginning to understand the illusionary nature that we sometimes call life.
In the day-to-day world the challenges are enormous and for many people, just coping is, at best, the way they live. How wasteful it is to spend years of one’s life caught in the crossfire of hopeless victimisation and senseless journeying to realms of fear based on nothing more than a lack of self worth.
Questioning your own value automatically devalues your ability to succeed. As we grade we degrade and as we value fear we make our self-esteem worth less. Staying structured and focussed is not an automatic right but it is the soul of our journey. The purpose of this exercise is not to deny feelings of anxiety but rather to see them absorbed into common sense and diminished into truth, just as dawn diminishes night and light diminishes darkness.
Within this process everyone has an opportunity for real growth and development of personal strength. Remembering what you are is far more important than being something you think you might be.
In other words, in the situations we encounter - work, love, money – the challenge is not to confuse your own identity in truth with the challenge that presents to you.
If I am involved in a war it doesn’t mean that I am that war but rather that I can be a reflection of peace and harmony both to myself from within and to others as I interact and work through the story. The intensity of circumstances will vary but the magnitude of your own value is infinite. No situation diminishes the self worth of an individual caught up within it without their permission.
When we feel trapped, impoverished or disillusioned we are simply surrendering ownership of what we are to a world that flourishes on bullying and intimidation. It is only when we disarm the intimidator that we truly empower the beauty of our own personal understanding and worth. In the realisation that the intimidator is our self, the task is nothing more than changing the thoughts of what we are and the power that we carry.
We are everything we ever wanted to be if only we can remember the truth of where we are starting from. Shifting the view of what scares me begins the process of reducing the power of what seems to be the powerful. My world can only control me when I make a decision that I want to see myself as powerless and lacking in fulfilment.
That decision is mine (and yours) alone to make.

Author's Bio: 

Geoffrey J Canavan has been involved in business ventures for almost 30 years. In that time his companies have encountered highs, lows and everything in between. His vast business experience has led to a deep understanding of the nature of success.
Geoffrey’s first book, Solved! The truth about real success, is founded on the belief that success is an inside job, inherent in, available to and attainable by everybody. The ‘missing piece’ is the realisation that - regardless of circumstances, education, social status, history or any other outside influences.- you are perfect and were born with the potential to be, do and have everything you dream about.
In recent times, Geoffrey has been working on his second book, The Prize, building his online presence and increasing his followers on various popular social networking sites.