Have you ever wondered how to be more self confident?

What is it that you are looking for when you think of self-confidence?

To be more self confident the first thing you must do is become your own best friend. You have unique talents and gifts that were given ONLY to you. Isn’t that wonderful! Every single person that is living, has ever lived and will live are all different. Can you imagine how boring the world would be if we were all the same?

Who would be there to guide us?

Who would be there for us to teach?

Accept yourself. Love yourself. Know that there will always be people that you don’t’ click with, and that is OK.

To be more self-confident you need to realize how many things that you can accomplish right now with 100% confidence. Are you confident you can tie your shoe? Are you confident that you can drive a car? Are you confident that you can get dressed? Are you confident you can raise your children? Are you confident that you can go to work? Are you confident that you can talk to your friends and family?

Now that you see how many things you can already accomplish with confidence, start thinking of new things that you would like to learn and try. Maybe you want to start your own business, become an artist, and learn to play a musical instrument or jump out of a plane.

Sure, you may be frightened at first. If you’ve never had your own business, you might feel overwhelmed at all details you need to get started. You might think if I paint a picture, people might ridicule my style or if I play the piano people might laugh at me.

The thing to remember is that self-confident people feel fear too. YES! It’s true. The difference is they act in spite of their fears.

You see the REAL SECRET to be more self-confident is to take ACTION.

When you were a toddler learning to walk, you didn’t fall down and stay down, you seen all these bigger people walking around and you believed that you could walk since they walked. You knew that you would succeed. You never doubted yourself. You kept taking action until you could walk with the big people.

Begin doing what you want to do. Step out of your comfort zone. You can learn to accomplish any task with confidence. The more tasks you are confident you can achieve, you will be more self-confident.

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