Have you been there? I mean at that point where it looks as if everyone and everything is militating against you? Sometimes, it looks like you can't continue, you want to give it all up, give in and cower before those challenges. Not to worry, your faith... trust, confidence in who you truly are is being tried but you must remain unwavering and irrepressible at such times for it is a fight of faith you are involved in; it is a battle of survival. You should not be moved by the physical circumstances rather stand firm on the right pedestal. Take advantage of the Divine power that has been released on your behalf for such a time as this.

Whatever you go through in life shouldn't be about how tough that challenge was instead you should build up your faith strong to overcome any obstacle. There should always be a victory note in your spirit to enable you walk through every opposition. Your faith therefore is very important if you must survive in life`s battle.

The next other thing you need to guard against is looking at and accepting the wrong picture. Seeing the wrong stuff will fill your heart with fear and apprehension and these are vices that you do not need in a battle front. Fear has a way of enlarging and magnifying the strength of the opposition. Focus on your strength and not on your weakness, keep your gaze on your plus not on your minus; as you look on the right picture, hope will be built up within you, faith will arise in your heart and words of courage, boldness and audacity will begin to flow from your mouth; giving rise to peace, joy and happiness. These virtues will definitely add springs to your feet as you wage through the turbulent waters. In emphasis, I say again... refuse to look at the wrong picture and keep your attention in the right direction.

Having arrived thus far, I will advice you choose to pray and not to complain. In every situation, you have the power to determine or decide what you want to do; choose to pray because wisdom, freedom and enlightenment come from the altar of prayer. I know that prayer may be the last thing on your mind in the face of that staggering opposition; but I reiterate pray. Prayer gives you the divine urge to pursue, overtake and recover. It delivers to you God's thought on the issue at hand. Ignore the voice that says this is not a praying matter or you are not in the church or stuffs like that. To that voice I ask... what have you gained since you haven't prayed? What will you loose if you pray? Have no excuse not to pray, you can pray anywhere and anytime. The person you want to go and complain to may actually be going through worst challenges than yours or worst still he may be happy at what you are going through but God loves you more than you love yourself so talking to Him about any matter delivers answers and solutions to your door-step. In the course of your prayer, say it as you feel it, don't pretend or go beating about the bush. If you need to address the challenge, face it squarely and not going about it in circles. If you want to make progress, you move forward you don't go round in circles for going around in circles equals to movement but not to progress.

With all these in place, your victory is inevitable, sure and perfected. Bear in mind that the story isn't complete until you win. When you have won, shout that shout of victory for it is only victors that shout.

Copyright, Agu Jaachynma N.E.

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