In order for you to succeed, you will also need to have a great confidence and reassurance in yourself and your ideas, and depending on your chosen road to success you may also require the ability to sway other people around to your way of thinking.

How can you gain the confidence and the ability to convince others? No one else is going to believe in you, if you do not believe in yourself.
First you must believe in YOU, and your direction, then with this belief you will gain the faith and the confidence, then you will go on to develop a greater ability to convince others of your ideas and your way of thinking. It all starts with the belief in yourself.

Have a great faith in yourself and your plan, you are no different from any successful person on this planet, and some of them may have even started with much less than what you have right now, and look how they went on to great accomplishments. Remember that before you let anyone scare you into not believing in yourself.

It's exciting when you have this faith in yourself, and remember that faith is a state of mind that every single human being for many intentions or reasons can generate at any time.

This belief or faith gives you the vitality, the power and the strength, and brings on the achievement of your desires.


Belief/faith is the starting point of the accumulation of wealth, success, and all other great achievements.

Faith is the foundation of all those miracles, and all those mysteries you hear about which cannot be explained or analysed by the restricting logic rules of knowledge and understanding.

Belief is the only true remedy, for any past "failure" you have experienced or any current "failure" you are experiencing right now.

It is your belief, when mixed with a good intention that opens up a direct communication with the infinite intelligence or the universal intelligence that forms part of the universal law of attraction.

Belief is your super secret ingredient, which transforms a thought on an idea into the equivalent and beautiful reality.
Belief can be harnessed through practice and used in your favour for the successful achievement of any goal or desire you have.

It has been proven many times over that whatever anyone consistently repeats to them selves, whether the statement is correct or incorrect, whether it is true or false, it does not seem to matter. Even if you repeat a known lie over and over again, you will eventually come to accept the lie as the truth, and you will believe it. You will believe it to be the truth. It will then become one of your beliefs that will determine your actions and reactions that affect your outcome and go on to create your experiences and reality.

Every person has become, and will continue to become whatever they think and believe in, because of those dominating thoughts, which they allow in to occupy their minds.

Therefore it is wise to…

Think great thoughts, thoughts of success, power, wealth, abundance and accomplishment.

Fill your mind every day with these great and positive thoughts and simply…


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