Life is too busy. Life is complicated. Life is full of obstacles… If I had a penny for each time I’ve heard these statements, I would be a millionaire. Granted, I too have at one point or another complained about the complexities of life and how busy I often am. Truth is that we tend to over commit ourselves. At the end of the day we are frequently tired and exhausted and with little to no energy to do something for ourselves.

This week is Simplify your Life week and when I learned that it prompted me to think about my own life and schedule. Work-life balance and simplifying lifestyles in order to enjoy more of what we want, is repeatedly, one of the subjects of my coaching conversations.

Why? Because on the quest for the dream; we have stepped on what I call virtual treadmill sometimes from 8 to 10 to even 12 hours per day. That intensity of activity is sometimes necessary; but the point is how long can you do it? How much time will go by before you start feeling the symptoms of stress, fractured relationships, damaged health (such as in excessive weight gain/loss) and even more serious illnesses or injuries. Also, because in that process, you may lose focus of what matters to you, of how to live in line with your true values and of the fact that the key to life after all, is balance.

So, my proposition for you is simple:

Simply: Set the intent.
Make a deliberate commitment to simplify your life (remember the why)
Simply: Prioritize.
Take a pen and paper and write down your top 3-5 priorities. Your future decisions as to how to proceed should link directly related to these priorities.
Simply: Learn to say No.
Goes along with your priorities. If this activity/decision is not going to contribute to those elements you have established as priorities, then you will have to say no. Think about the benefits
Simply: Not all you.
Learn to delegate (and be happy with it) or to get as much help as possible. There are tasks at work and at home that are probably driving you crazy and that can surely be completed by someone other than you.
Simply: Praise yourself.
Start noticing when things are changing; are you feeling better, resting more, have more time for family meals? Take note and appreciate them.
Simply: Don’t beat yourself up; it’s a process.
Remember that giving up some items on your agenda might be difficult at first. This is a process and ultimately, you need to remember that persistence will pay off. Revisit your plan often and adjust as necessary.

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. ~Hans Hofmann

At the end of the day, it’s all about you. About what you want and what you deserve. What are you willing to do to get there and what do you need to let go of in order to achieve it? Remember my statement that it is all about balance. You need not to let go of most things completely; unless they are dangerous or damaging. You may also find critical to do something for others as you feel it is your duty. Let me tell you that people will find their way, they will find the solution even if you are not there to do it. And yes, sometimes people will feel angry or disappointed, and they will show you but you need to go back to your vision and mission statement for your life and remember what matters to you and the commitments you agreed to make in order to make it there. Ultimately, when you simplify your life you give yourself permission to recapture time for yourself and your loved ones and to do the things you truly love; isn’t it all worth it?
If you are stuck trying to figure out the right formula for balance; or if you know you need to establish new boundaries for your life and don’t know where to start. If you are caught in the midst of a complicated life and have reached a point where you crave a more simplistic lifestyle; life coaching might be for you.
© 2010 Maria Martinez

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Maria Martinez is a Professional Life Coach; she works primarily with individuals seeking to identify areas in which they want to increase their level of awareness and take life to the next level. By providing support and accountability, individuals reach higher and greater goals; balance life at work and at home; and enjoy time doing things they most love. ‘Create the life you want; Start within.’

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