How We Grow....

The art and science of exactly how human beings grow and progress is at the very heart of really 'good' Astrology.

There is no system, philosophy or science in the world today, that understands exactly how each person grows than Astrology.

This is because the 'key' to each person's self-growth, is their own unique Astrology.

At the moment that we were born the universe itself was describing the exact nature, personality and strengths and weaknesses that we would be coming into this world with.

This unique star and planetary configuration, typically called the astrological chart, also contains that exact, NEW knowledge and wisdom that we need to self-improve along the lines of our self-growth.

The various planets and planetary configurations of astrology describe exactly where we're strong within our human nature and even where we're weak, undeveloped, and needing more growth!

For example, the Sun configuration in our charts describes exactly how much self-confidence we came in with. All the rules and principles of astrology describe exactly how well-developed each of our planets or aspects of ourselves, are.

When a really 'good' astrologer looks at your chart they will see where you are strong and where you are weak and needing self-growth.

This is however, different for every single human being.

Therefore, the exact strategies of self-improvement will be different for every single, human being.

When you learn what your particular planetary strengths and weaknesses are; you will discover what your exact path of self-growth is all about.

Our charts describe very succiently exactly where we're strong and where we're weak.

The Sun configurations in our charts describe our all-important self-strength, and self-confidence.

The Moon configurations describe our mental and emotional strength, including intuition.

The Mercury configurations describe our intellectual clarity, abilities and even intelligence.

The Rising Sign describes our personalities and even body types or how strong and healthy our bodies are.

The Venus configurations describe the quality of our hearts.

The Mars configurations describe our competitive sides.

The Jupiter planets describe our spirituality.

The Saturn configurations describe how balanced, mature and healthy we will be.

Finally, the Nodes of the Moon called Rahu & Ketu represent how well we use our desires. When Rahu/ketu are positive than we have desires but they don't control or manipulate us. But, if Rahu or Ketu are poorly positioned, then the person being born, is born with very precise and predictable compulsions, obsessions and addictive tendencies!

Also, contained within our planetary configurations is a complete description of exactly what new knowledge and wisdom we need to grow in each and every one of our human aspects.

Our Astrology is not only a description of what we're coming in with, but they also contain how we can self-grow into that more highly evolved version of ourselves, ....

which is our true destiny!

Unfortunately, very few people understand their very specific astrological natures, which describe so clearly what their individual unique path of life is all about and more especially how to live that better.

Author's Bio: 

I'm a former Transcendental meditation teacher. I became a TM teacher in 1973. I've been meditating myself now for over 40 years. I've been studying meditation, the field of consciousness, yoga and Ayurveda for over all these years as well.

During those forty years I also learned about astrology and now include that great self-development tool in my arsenal of self-improvement strategies.

I'm now a published author and have written several books about self-growth and self-development.

I'm also the CEO of "Starlight Unlimited" which is a business which is in the process of bringing this completeness of human self-development to everyone in the world.