We have all been there. We have been frustrated by what appears to be failure to meet our goals. In reality, those apparent failures could be your inner voice putting you to test. When you think back to goals you have set for yourself, have you realized how easy or how soon you can fall of track? After losing 80+ lbs I know what it means to fall off….but like I tell my daughter, the idea is not to fall and stay on the ground. You have fallen, now what?

1. Understand that these things happen. You should anticipate that something will go wrong, if you know that it can happen, you will be less disappointed later.

2. Learn to recognize that you fell. You ate too much cake, ok. It is not the end of the world…

3. Forgive yourself. Remember that whatever you are trying to change is the cumulative result of how ever old you are of habits. New habits take time to be established.

4. Use as motivation to get back up, not tomorrow, today. Get back on track, switch your mentality to one of acceptance (yes, you ate it) and of determination; work a little longer or modify your calorie intake tomorrow to allow less calories and burn more.

Ultimately, it comes down to your level of determination and commitment. You probably heard me say this before, but it depends on how bad you want it! If you are determined to get it then nothing can stop you. Just be aware that your mental state will determine where you go from here. It is easy to fall and stay there while asking others to join your pity party. But getting up and regaining your sense of direction; that takes courage but most importantly is rewarding.

Next time you fall off the band wagon, remember that you are not alone and that this happens because you are making progress; otherwise it would not matter! Become aware of what you did and how to avoid making the same mistake in the future and forgive yourself- we forgive others all the time, what about a little bit of self-compassion after all we too are human! And with that human strength and power, I challenge you to get back up and retake your vision. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, whatever happened in the past is there and nothing will change it; yet you have control over how to live the rest of your life.

What’s your story? Live to tell it.

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I partner with individuals and business owners that want to grow and take their accomplishments to a new level. By identifying and setting goals milestones are reached, stressors are reduced and individuals enjoy time to spend with their families and doing the things they enjoy.

As YOUR Coach, I am your partner in the pursuit of your career or personal goals. I take pride in being present, an asset for you and I am 100% committed to give you my best.