Back in February of this year the Lord blessed me with a Chrysler 300. One of my favorite parts of having this new car is what is called the GPS or Global Positioning System. This is an onboard computer that is link to 3 satellites. These Satellites can track my location within hundreds of feet. Not only can it track my location, but by programming in a destination that I’m trying to reach it will calculate for me the shortest most direct route for me to get there.

Internal GPS System

Little do we know, but each of us has what I like to refer to as an Internal GPS System that if given the correct location of the things we desire in life it will take us to them. Instead of having satellites in outer space that tell us our location our Internal GPS is link directly to our emotions. If you want to know where you are at any time all you have to do is simply monitor your emotional state. By monitoring our emotions we can have an exact internal picture of the external reality that we are creating. The law of attraction says that like attracts like. We are not only attracting what we think we are also attracting into our life’s what we feel.

We need our GPS systems to be active! The reason that this is so important is because there are some places that you may desire to go in life that you can’t get to from the emotional state that you are in! Sadness, depression and loneliness will never lead you to a place of joy and bliss. Your emotional state can determine whether or not you will reach the desired place of your dreams. You have to start from a place that is in harmony with the place you want to go or you will never get there!

The number one way to know that your internal GPS is working and in a locked on state is when you find yourself in a state of joy. Each person has what author Jack Canfield calls a life purpose. When you find yourself doing things that bring you true joy that emotion is a signal that you are in a locked on position. That means that you know were you are and you are sure of where you desire to go. I have heard it said that your purpose in life is the things that you would gladly do for free! So it goes without saying that the person that is leading the most naturally fulfilled life would have to be the person that is making a living doing the things in life that gives them the most joy! For me personally, my life purpose would have to be preaching the Gospel and teaching as many people as I can to be successful and productive in life.

The key to your GPS system taking you to all the things that you desire in life starts with correcting your emotional state. I have found that the quickest way to improve my emotional state was for me to define what I desire most out of life. As much as some people would love to make all desires to be wrong, our good desires are in us to keep us from settling for less than what God has created us to be. The car, the house, the financial freedom that I desire are all spiritual signs to remind me of what the word of God has promised and the level of wealth that I have the ability to obtain. I would have to agree with Wallace Wattles, the author of famous book, “The Science of Getting Rich”, for God to make wealth available for us and for us to settle for anything less has to be the sin of ungratefulness.


Proper desires always have to have proper moral backing and ground work. Another way to know if your desire is good are bad is to check your emotions. Know one can truly find joy in any desire that hurts another person in anyway. I have found that the desires that are most locked on and are allowing my Internal GPS to take me to them are the once that are directly connected to bringing joy to others.

God came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. The scriptures also say that he “Gives us power to Get wealth”. Our internal GPS can take us to our wealthy place if we are only willing to take the steps of correcting our emotional state and defining our desires! These actions will place our internal GPS in a lock on position. There may be traffic along the way, hills, back roads and some detours, but know that with commitment, determination and trust in God you will make it!

Author's Bio: 

Bishop Wilson is the former Presiding Prelate of Unity Fellowship Alliance International. Bishop Wilson was the General overseer of churches in NC, SC , Commonwealth of the Bahamas, West Africa & The Philippines. On June 26th 2005 Apostle was be duly consecrated to the bishopric & confirmed to the Apostleship. On July 28th 2005 Bishop Wilson Submitted his churches to Bishop Robert M. Taylor .

Bishop Wilson has received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity - Lamp Light International Bible College & Seminary, for his outstanding teaching on the subject of leadership in the body of Christ as well as the workplace. Dr. Wilson also has several continual study degrees, in Church Growth, the Old Testament Panorama, and Biblical Counseling.

Over the last 21 years Bishop Wilson has attended hundreds of workshops, literally read hundreds of books, taught hundreds of lessons, listen to thousands of tapes, and preached thousands of messages that deal with the importance of leadership in the body of Christ.

Dr. Wilson is the author of many tapes, videos, online articles, and is in the process of publishing for his Sixth book. Apostle Wilson has also released a music CD entitled, "Still in His Presence”.