Transform your morning into a miracle maker, in other words, Cheeka Cheeka BOOM IT! :)

How are you waking up every morning? Are you one of those people that will wake up in the morning with the alarm ringing and chocking your entire nerve system? Or one of those that jump out of bed and go to exercise your physical body doing everything automatically like a computer?

No matter how you choose to wake up and get up I have a Cheek a Cheeka Boom Tip for you! Trust me!!! When you do it right it will change your entire life…

Before my body move in bed, I focus my mind in what I wish to happen for me that day and in the near future. I see it, I feel it, I hear it and taste what my heart wishes no matter how impossible it seems in this reality. When you make this exercise a daily habit things will happen. Keep in mind it might take a while, but sometimes it won’t, is it worth practicing? You bet it is!!!

You have nothing to loose everything to gain, let me tell you why:
• This powerful mind/emotion exercise will set up the stage for a positive state for the entire day ahead
• It will help you to build a foundation for more positive thoughts.
• When you keep this process going daily it becomes automatic for your life time, get the hint?
• Plus it is FREE!!!!

If I were you I would make a note of it right now and practice it, practice, practice for FUN. It can change your life as it did for me over and over again. To me, to wake up not having my thoughts first thing in the morning projecting what I want is boring and without purpose. After it all, we are not a robot, we have this eletro-chemical organism we call body, ready to work for us and by us in it’s full capacity any time we work with it, agree?

The key formula to start having an inner and outer Carnival first thing in the morning is; before you even move your body in bed your mind should be focused on what you want to achieve from the heart, not your analytical mind. The analytical level will limit you with logic, the heart will connect you with the universal source, which one do you think is greater?

For example: if you want to have $1,000,000.00 focus on it, I remember focusing every morning on traveling all over the world helping thousands of people to be happy. A year later I got a job to work as a coach/mentor with Tony Robbins companies doing exactly that and I am still doing it today as I write to you. Is it C.O.O.L. or is it C.O.O.L.?

*C.O.O.L. goes for Carnival Of Our Lives (the title of my next book ;)

Substitute what you don’t want for what you want, give your mind some fun tricks to dance with your dreams and sing with your actions, so you can feel like a Cheeka Cheeka BOOM Woman!

We have what it takes to keep on lightening up our days with the Carnival we can create within!

Enjoy the heck out of your life! Otherwise, what is the point?

Yours in Contribution and Carnival ;)

Lygya (Leejeeah) Maya

Author's Bio: 

Maya is a former million-dollar sales mentor with the Anthony Robbins Companies, and a charismatic speaker on her own time. Lygya has made appearances on WB11, Fox, ABC, PBC, New York Times, The Village Voice, The New York Post and The Daily News, The London Time Out Magazine, and radio shows, plus featured in magazines such as Vanity Fair, Essence, Dance, New Life and Creations. She is the only combination of Amazonian shamanic intuition and American coaching expertise to help people to adopt spontaneous, fun-loving Carnival attitudes that will erase stress and inject passion into a professional and personal life.