Some weeks back, I watched a video titled, “No condition is permanent:” by
one America’s top speakers, Rene Godefroy. The message was based on
the story of this man right from childhood. Space will not permit me
to state everything that I heard from this message but I will try to
paraphrase everything.

Rene was born in Haiti, a Central American country. He was born into
poverty and was even abandoned by his mother at the age of 9 months.
His mother left him in search of a greener pasture. While growing up,
Rene was inflicted with some debilitating diseases that so many people
told his guardian he would NEVER survive.

Rene left his village at age 7 to meet his mother in Port au Prince,
capital of Haiti, and discovered that his mother was still poor as
before. They kept struggling and did so many menial jobs. At age 15 or
so, Rene had the chance of visiting Canada with a dance troupe and he
eloped afterwards with the dream of getting into America. He got
smuggled into America by hiding under a truck. When he got into
America, he made up his mind to become one of the top celebrities in
America, a dream so many people scoffed at.

From one menial job to another, Rene kept the dream alive and at a
point he became the door man in a hotel. While opening doors for
people, he occupied himself by reading motivational books. A chance
came for him, one day, to meet with the top motivational speakers in
America all because his hotel was hosting them. Anytime he sees one
speaker, he walks up to him/her and introduce himself as someone that
will also become a GREAT speaker one day. He said whenever the room is
empty, he will go in to speak to the empty chairs.

To cut the story short, most of the people he spoke to then are people
he sits with today. He is one of the top speakers in America and an
Author of so many life-changing books. Rene had been able to do so
many things people thought he would NEVER do. He became the village
hero though so many people thought he will NEVER survive back then.
Those who looked down on him in his childhood, are now looking up to
him as someone worthy of being celebrated.

Napoleon Hill said, “Whatsoever the mind of man can conceive, if he
can believe, he can ACHIEVE it.” Your life shouldn’t be about where
you are today, it should be about where you are going. Things may not
be working the way you envisaged, just hold on, it is a matter of time
that you will also be celebrated. No matter how badly people view you,
just keep focused on your dream. People that have despised you will
one day come to celebrate with you.


Adebola Oni

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Adebola Oni, is a life changer, from Africa. His book, The Lessons of Life, has touched so many lives worldwide. He is the owner of . This website is devoted to sharing timely wisdom that can lead anyone to a successful life.