During my study of human potential I have come to learn that each of us is working with 3 Sources of Power-

1. Energy

2. Time

3. Money

We are all allotted a certain amount of energy that is to be used in an allotted amount of time that will, if utilized correctly, bring us substantial amounts of money and business success. Though it may not be apparent to the untrained eye, I have learned that each of these sources of power is always in a state of flux, constantly changing.

If a person is to have any amount of success in business and personal life they must master the art of properly using their time, energy, and money in a manner that not only meets the needs of today but also keeps in mind the need for advancement toward the future.

When we speak of mastering the art of properly using our time, energy and money we are more or less speaking of a person that has come to the understanding that their daily thoughts, emotions and actions are either adding to are taking away from their sources of power. By simply looking at a person's daily routine you can assess if that person is success oriented. A person's daily routine will determines how they will spend their time, energy and money, thus giving you a snapshot of their future. We don't stop to think about it much because it has become, as we said, routine. However, what we are doing or what we neglect to do on a daily basis is either strengthening us are weakening us.

If we are ever to reach the goals and business endeavors that we have envisioned, we have to have what experts in the field of human potential have referred to as our Pathway of Power or Optimized Living. Our Pathway of Power is present when we have taken the time to structure our daily routines so that we are getting the maximum use of our time and energy. For those in business the result is, ultimately, seen in the maximum influx of financial increase.

The reason that some people are successful where others are not can be defined very clearly. Successful people know what they want and can express it in very vivid terms.

When you talk to people that are successful at what they do you will leave that conversation empowered and willing to buy in, in some way, to what they are doing.

When it comes to setting goals of what you desire to accomplish or manifest in your life and business, remember, there are truly no degrees of difficulty as it relates to the power of the human mind. However, before you can accomplish anything you have to be specific about your desired result. To say I want a car is not good enough. When done correctly you can set a goal and put a plan in place to get a Mercedes Benz just as easily as you can a Saturn. The same is true in your finances. We can manifest a million dollars just as easily as you can twenty dollars. If we are not specific we are more likely to get what is most common.

You need to know how much money you want to make each year.

You need to know what kind of house you want to live in, what kind of car you want to drive.

You need to know what profits you desire for your business.

You need to have systems of measurement in place.

If you're not clear of where you're going anywhere will do!

1. The Law of Straight Lines- The shortest path between to points is a straight line.

The second thing that causes people to be successful and others not is they don't try to make the process more complicated than what it is.

I have seen people time and time again, get so tangled up in the preparation to take action that they are tricked into thinking that they are acting. These are the people that will give you the story about how hard business is, when the thing that is making it hard is they are taking the wilderness route to a destination that has several major interstates. What I mean by that is this; if one person can make a million dollars anyone can make a million dollars. There are two many millionaires, black, white and every other nationality for me to believe that I can't do it! All we have to do is find a mentor that has done what we are trying to do, see if they are willing to share their knowledge and then follow the Law of the straight line.

2. The Law of Focus Energy- In order to get what you want you have to focus on it until you do.

Now I know that sounds too easy, but by learning this principle we are miles ahead of the person that only has a dream. The number one problem that I have seen is many don't have a stick-to-it-ness down on the inside that drives them to, as I heard one expert say, hit it until you hit it.

We talked about seeing your goal and learning to keep it in sight. The next thing you have to do is to keep swinging toward your goal until you reach it! This is best seen in the sport of baseball. What if every baseball player that struck out made up in their mind that they would never be able to hit a homerun, so why try? The reason that we have a Babe Ruth is because he was not afraid to double his rate of failure. Babe Ruth at his peek had more strike outs than any other player. The only thing that made him the Babe was he got just 1 extra hit per week that the other players missed.

The key to all of this goes back to you never want to be in a place that you are wasting your power by not having clarity. If you are ever going to have a business or company that is operating on a global playing field it is going to take developing unusual clarity and a willingness to expand your dreams and your goals. There is no way that you can utilize the Law of focused Energy until you have clarity of vision.

3. The Law of Vision- Seeing your desired outcome in the now.

For years we have heard of great sports figures using the power of visualization to accomplish great goals, even breaking world records. What these world class athletes are taught to do is to run through their event several times in their minds just before they perform. The Key is for them to focus totally on what they desire to happen. What we have learned about the human mind is that it does not distinguish between what is real and what is only imaginary. So when the time comes for the person to actually perform the mind simply causes the person to more or less reenact in real life what was previously imagined in the mind.

This same principle can be applied in business. In business we're constantly setting goals that deal with business performance. What if we were to take the time daily to envision the outcomes that we desire? What would happen would be that the mind would begin to reenact the scenarios that we envisioned bringing our goals and dreams to pass much quicker with less effort.


The ultimate goal of business is profit and as we have seen profit only comes when we as individuals harness and apply principles that will help us to utilize our 3 Resources of Power: Energy, Time and Money. Start today, don't wait! You may not see the results of applying these laws the next day, the next week or even the next month, but compounded over the next 12 to 24 months you will see your life begin to change.


Application: The Identification of problem areas is only the first step. The key to success is not identification alone, but also the removal of problem areas and the replacement of them with new success habits.

1. Name three things in your life and business that are robbing you of your energy?

2. Name three time wasters that you need to eliminate from your life that would cause you to be more productive in business.

3. Add up the energy and time wasted and guestimate how much money it is costing you and your business yearly? Then times that times your employees! As the leader so go the followers!

4. After you have identified each of your energy robbers and time wasters, use the power of contrast to gain clarity and to identify what new habit you need to replace it with.

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Bishop Wilson is a leadership; life & Spiritual Coach that helps people identify, evaluate the severity of and remove the mental hindrances to their success.

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