"Whosoever has conquered fear has conquered failure."

Fear is a powerful word that has stopped a lot of people from living a meaningful life. So many dreams have been aborted just because of fear and so many people are living below their potentials because of this same fear.

To achieve so much in life, fear has to be dealt with on all fronts. The truth is that we are all fearful at one stag of our lives, but the difference between the successful and the failures in life, is that some people used their fear as a spring board to achieve great things in life while the other group, allowed their fears to be an obstacle to achieving their dreams.

If you want to live a life filled with dreams, you will always see things that will cause your hear to skip some beats. But instead of allowing these things to stand as obstacles to achieving your dreams, use them to kick start your life.

Just like the quote used in opening this article rightly mentioned, you cannot achieve so much in life without conquering your fears. When you know this truth, you will not allow anything to stop you from being successful in life. Fear of failing in life should be a motivation to kill whatever you are fearful about.

Another way to conquer you fears is to start doing those things you are afraid of. ACTION is the best killer of fear. If you don't start acting as quickly as possible, the fear will overwhelm you and you may NEVER start anything worthwhile for the rest of your stay on planet earth.

While working on your dreams, so many facts will be flaunt at you just to dissuade you from pursuing your life goals. What do you do when it appears these facts are real? Let me share what Bob Proctor said in one of his messages I love listening to: "If the dream is BIG enough, the fact DON"T matter!" Yes, if you are running after something worthwhile, ignore the facts because if you don't, you will become ignoble later. I am sure you don't want that to be your lot.


This is to your success this year and beyond.

Adebola Oni

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