Ask most people what defines a man and there is inevitably going to be comments about being responsible, standing up, taking responsibility for our lives and so forth. Of course every man embodies these character traits right? I mean if this is what defines being a man then it would stand to reason that all men own these qualities through and through...right?

I think it would be helpful if we take it one step further and clarify what we mean when we use the word "man". We've come to a point where we have two camps: there's being a man...a regular Joe (no offence to guys name Joe) and then there's being a "Real Man" (as if the other version is a fake). Who's this "Real Man" and what's he got going on that Non-Real Man can't match?

The "Real Man" exist in you. In fact, that is who you REALLY are! Hence the name! Some how some where you were sold a bill of goods that being a Real Man was just for those dudes with the perfect abs, the hot girl friend(s) and super human talents. Madison Avenue made the image of a Real Man almost impossible to reach because it focused on the outlandish external drivers men are attracted to.

The Real the old model of what a Man's true north should be. The Remarkable Man is made through his inner drivers. This is where you have the power. A power you have had all the time, we are just waking it to a new level. Being a Remarkable Man is taking the "Real Man" to task and blowing Joe Average (sorry Joe) out of the water. Please tell me being average is not what you want to be. Good!

Being a Remarkable Man is getting REAL with the REAL Man you are. Start from within and do an internal check in. What I mean is go through areas of your life where you are not in integrity with yourself and others.

Are you congruent with your message (living it)?

What mask(s) are you wearing to protect yourself from the truth?

Quit Bull S***'ing yourself about where you are at and get REAL with it. Take full responsibility for where you are at.

The people you care about in your life depend on it. You may lose a few "friends" along the way as you get more clarity about The Remarkable Man you are. Don't let that stop you...the people that truly matter will be there and admire you for it.

Getting REAL with who and what you are is the toughest work any man can ever do. It is also the most rewarding because you are owning your stuff. This is where you become strong in character, open in your heart and your charisma beams out in all directions...People say, "Now that's a REAL Remarkable Man!"

You are not alone on the journey...I’ve got your back!

Author's Bio: 

Dwayne H. Klassen - Certified Professional Trainer
Men's Mojo And Relationship Coach, Author and Speaker
Dwayne Klassen is the bold new face for men and relationship empowerment. He is a transformational speaker, certified trainer, writer, and entrepreneur with a passion for communication, ancient wisdom, leadership, men's issues, human potential, and challenging men to step up and be Remarkable in their lives.

Dwayne's storied background of both great success and epic challenges, are timely life lessons that prove - that no matter how hard life can get, you can make a difference and win.

Dwayne is the author of his soon to be released book, "The Remarkable Man - Champions To Women,Heroes To Children & Brothers To Each Other". Dwayne has one of the most profound coaching programs for men and relatiosnhips. The Remarkable Man Coaching Program. He is "The Mojo Coach".

He also the Founder and Creator of The Remarkable Man Project - soon to be the largest and most successful men's leadership and empowerment network in the world.

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