Did you know that you have over 60,000 thoughts every day? Inevitably, you think many of the same thoughts over and over each day and then the next day. What are those thoughts about? Are they helping you or hindering you?

Whatever you feed your brain is what your brain feeds your body and what turns out to be your experience. Therefore, what you feed your brain is important. Out of those 60,000 thoughts, you cannot control all of them but if you get into the habit of questioning your thoughts and focusing on positive things, then you will be able to gain a more positive perspective.

It is really important that you recognize that you have the power to choose which thoughts you want to have. You can train your thoughts to be more supportive of your life.

Learn to ask your brain questions that stimulate it in a positive way. And take the time to listen for the answers. We all know how to ask questions but are you asking the right questions? You must understand how your mind works.

When you ask a question, the way you ask the question pre-supposes a response. For instance, if you ask yourself, “Why am I so stupid?” Well, your answer is going to presuppose stupidity. The natural response to “Why am I so stupid?” is “Because.....” Not, “Well, no, I am not really stupid.”

So, it is important to feed your brain the right questions. Now, you may want to ask yourself open ended questions like, “What do I want to do?” But chances are you may not get a response. It is important to ask yourself questions that presuppose what you want.

For instance, the question, “What can I do now that will make me happy?” will lead you to a definite response that will evoke your happiness.
In addition, take the time to think and study to know what your values and your goals are and craft questions around that. This is a powerful way to reaffirm your strengths.

Below are some examples of questions that you can ask yourself. However before you ask yourself these questions, prepare yourself for the questions. When you ask yourself a question, listen to your emotions to experience how the question feels. Check in with your body to see if your are having a negative reaction to the questions.

~What do I want?
~What are the emotions I am seeking behind what I want?
~What makes me happy?
~How can I serve others in a fulfilling way?
~What do I see myself doing in the next five years?
~If success was guaranteed, what would I do?
~What have I always wanted to do that I have not done??~What would I want said at my funeral?
~How can I contribute more effectively to my community?

Feel the power behind these questions. Ask yourself these questions and listen for the answers and then record the answers. Be sure that you take the time to listen to the answers and enjoy that special space of hearing yourself. You are the only one that can provide yourself with these answers so enjoy listening for the answers.

When the answers come, and they will, celebrate the fact that you are taking the time to ask yourself these types of questions and that you are moving into a phase of your life where you are reinventing yourself and your are making yourself your number one priority.

Enjoy your discovery process!

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Iyabo Asani is a life and business coach. A former lawyer, she left the practice of law after twenty years and now, she helps empower smart boomers create businesses and attract abundance by discovering the gifts and talents of their Inner Genius.