Even when you think you have your life all mapped out,
things happen that shape your destiny in ways
you might never have imagined. Deepak

As the years go by we have the opportunity to
increase our experiences. It’s a shame but not all
people do –they only repeat what is familiar.

With each new experience we grow – often by
facing our fears. That is when the real growth
happens. New experiences are filled with possibilities.

Daily I offer to smart women a new perspective
and powerful life changing words. If you don’t want
to know stop reading now.

Aha, you’re still reading. Excellent. Baggage is something
filled with valuable necessary items you bring on a journey.
The journey is to discover your legacy. Its there for you to use
along the way.

AS they say on the loud speaker in airports: If someone
asks you to carry their baggage or see unattended baggage
call a the authorities (specialist). It does not belong to you nor
responsibility to bring it back to the owner.

Is that bag lost, or stolen or filled with items you don’t deem
valuable? This is also not for you to know. Its not yours.

Its okay to bring others on your journey – good company is
always a pleasure. You can even share what valuable items
you’re bringing, if you want. As long as you can focus still
on your journey.

Author's Bio: 

Jake Tuschinski, Certified personal and leadership life coach.
20 years inspiring women who are overwhelmed, overworked, and stuck in a rut to become their personal best. Are you living a life you love getting out of bed for?