When disruption in daily life happens it can take a toll on the self employed/home based business owners/entrepreneurs. When I say that, I don't mean that people who go to office to work are not affected, but I wish to share my comments/observations as an entrepreneur.

When natural calamity like floods, storm etc strikes, we as entrepreneurs, need to be really strong and come to terms with reality. We must do whatever it takes to choose to let go of feeling like an adult victim and allow us to connect with our child core-self ( I mean the child within) and borrow faith and love from it. What do I mean?

March is a busy month in terms of servicing my clients, filing Tax Returns etc. When the flooding happened, I felt miserable, took it personally and started feeling "Not good enough". I used the external circumstances/events to judge myself. My mind tricked me to believe whatever I thought and dis-empowered me to do nothing and just blame the event itself. When I was dis-empowered, my negative energy showed up in the form of yelling and helplessness. Once I became aware, I decided to implement what I learned from the above book and other audios. I made a choice to connect with the child in me and stopped attaching conditions to love myself. A child never judges its capacity or hurts her inner self because of external circumstances. She is innocent, loves herself and others unconditionally and has faith. A child tries her best, as long as she can. I stepped out of my adult mind and thought like a child and said to myself-Lalitha, instead of judging yourself and have the ego coming in your way, allow ( here the key word is allow) yourself to feel it is OK and be helped by your family, friends, clients and service providers. The moment I made a choice to think differently, magic happened:

I felt guilt free to receive and acknowledge help form my husband, children, nephew, neighbors and clients. A plumber came in at 11 PM EST to work on the Sump pump, even I had great energy to do some heavy work (heavy for a thin person like me), I had excellent clarity to take the next step without feeling burdensome/overwhelmed. My clients'/ezine readers' best wishes and prayers poured in.

Let me share how I handled the challenging life event during crucial times of the business with these simple tips.

Tip #1: Use the knowledge gained from books, audios on self development to become aware and choose thoughts to empower YOU. Don't panic, ask help, use internet and research for answers. If you don't have electricity, use cell phones to phone a friend, neighbor. As simple and easy it may seem, with the addiction to internet/texting, we tend to forget. We ladies, moms can relate to this. Call your Insurance Company, Prepaid Legal Services lawyer to learn about your rights and responsibilities. Make a list of every small task and classify them into three parts-a) to do now, b) delegate and c) schedule for another day.

Tip #2: As we get used to getting water, electricity, heat/AC every day, we don't realize how lucky we are! Thank God everyday for having these privileges now and in future and thank yourself for being able to access them. For me personally, I found thanking in advance for anything, keeps me fulfilled, motivated and optimistic.

Tip#3: It is OK for letting your clients know about your challenging situation. However be honest in keeping up your commitment. They too face challenges and you won't believe, how much they would love to help you, especially if you have built trust.

You started your Enterprise to fulfill your dream! Just learn form every adversity and use these lessons to become better and do better.

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Lalitha Brahma

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