by Natalia Alexandria

No doubt some part of you is, but don’t be surprised if one day soon, you find that conventional thinking (the Cartesian, which is based on the principles of Newtonian physics), has taken a sharp turn toward quantum thinking. It’s been over one hundred years since scientists began theorizing, and modern day society has made conversation about energy commonplace. We’re all busy talking about our destinies, karma, and universal laws like that of attraction and divine oneness.

To put it simply, quantum is the new physics, the new conception of the universe. It defines the universe as a unified field of energy and states that all points are connected. Each point has a relationship with another, even though they may not have direct contact. Each can influence and change another, merely by redefining that relationship. Of course, ancient wisdom has long included the belief that we can change and influence our realities, but now, we understand that the transformative nature of energy is at play. So what does this new paradigm for social and scientific thought mean in our quest toward self-improvement?

Quantum thinking is an extraordinary exercise of empowerment and humility. On an individual level, we recognize that we are multi-dimensional human beings of body, mind/emotions and spirit. We also understand that all that we are, including our thoughts, are sources of energy that we can adjust and maneuver. From the most practical aspect, we can begin to improve our realities by examining our thoughts. By this action alone, we begin to question and set aside the boundaries of our thinking. What we once believed ends, and our awareness expands into a realm where we are ready to explore all possibilities. The limitations of our thinking dissolves, and we feel empowered because we can problem solve and plan for the future with multiple options. In this quantum process, the inconceivable begins to thrive and our wildest dreams are no longer impossible, but possible.

But what happens when we apply quantum thinking to the entirety of the universe, to truly become one with all type of thinkers? Our thinking will not be linear, but multi-dimensional. Our mindset will be holistic, and we will not feel separated, but connected. What will immediately come to mind in our decision-making will be how it affects all that is around us. Our responsibility not only to ourselves, but others, will rise dramatically because we will understand that what we do, or don’t do, will make an impact. We will further understand that the impact may not be realized today or directly onto us, but perhaps in the future and onto our children, our neighbors, or our environment. We will relinquish control to something greater and understand that our perception of what’s greater will make a difference. When we recognize the magnitude of being all-inclusive thinkers, we will face the daunting humility that represents the awe-inspiring reality of quantum thought.

Quantum is really big picture thinking that extrapolates lots or responsibility to self, others and the world. It’s an astonishing tool that reminds us that we have the power to change, yet possess the modesty of our achievements because we are just one small piece of the intelligent fabric of the universe. If we truly embrace quantum thinking, we will begin to make conscious choices that will contribute, not contaminate, because we will fully grasp the effect of a positive, rather than a negative, choice. It is at this point that our most intangible energy source of spirit will come alive because the honor code by which we live will skyrocket.

All of our choices, regardless of how small, will begin to matter. We will stop making excuses, particularly those that keep us prisoners to negative realities. We will not blame what is outside of us, because what we blame will be us, directly or indirectly. And if you’re really serious about positive change while flourishing in the quantum field, you will purposely make constructive adjustments with your attitude and approach. You will reflect the kind of humility that you are only one person, one small field of energy that can make a difference.

Now, imagine what would happen if we all became quantum thinkers.

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