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This is the second installment in the series on manifestation, taken from The Passage to Freedom. It is an updated and abbreviated version of Installment #4, Polarity and the Paradox. Next month’s installment is on the Law of Attraction, which can be masterfully used by understanding and effectively applying the Law of Polarity. It’s simplicity begets its elegance. Enjoy!

“As one door closes, another opens;
but we often look so long and regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened.”
Alexander Graham Bell

Installment #14
The Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity describes the dynamics of physical and energetic containment, neutrality and expansion required to create, maintain and expand within this 3rd dimensional universe of material:

• Everything is Dual.
• Everything has poles.
• Everything has its pair of opposites.
• Like and unlike are essentially the same.
• Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree.
• Extremes meet.
• All truths are but half-truths.
• All paradoxes may be reconciled.

The creation of one pole brings another into existence.
The power of one pole generates and requires an equal force in the other.
Extremes of any kind cause a swing in the opposite direction.

Polar opposites embody the same nature, with negative - contraction and restriction - and positive - expansion and freedom - at the extremes, and neutral at midpoint in between. It’s a brilliant play: To resolve the paradox opposition creates, each extreme triggers new conditions and awareness unique to its charge, which adds depth and breadth to what was. As the charge, or frequency, of that pole reaches an extreme, the pendulum again begins its swing back. The process is repeated, again and again, in this endless play of opposites.

The ancient Chinese understood this, with their t’ai chi symbol equally divided into light, firm - yang - and dark, yielding - yin. Each represents a primal state of being, with a contrasting dot, showing that everything contains something of its opposite. Existence arises from their change and interplay. Change is "the continuous transformation of the one force into the other, and is a cycle of complexes of phenomena, in themselves connected, such as day and night, summer and winter. Change is not meaningless, but subject to the universal law, the tao"*, or Law of Polarity. *Wilhelm-Baynes,The I Ching

The Law of Polarity holds us to our choices and actions by returning to us, in proportion to what we extend... Ancient teachings understood this socially, saying: "Whatsoever a man sows, likewise shall he reap," and "Do unto others, as you would have them to you." Or the Sanskrit reference to "action followed by reaction".

The Law of Polarity polarizes consciousness

We perceive within a frequency spectrum of negative, neutral and positive. This means that to everything we observe, we ascribe a negative, neutral or positive meaning, and that each carries a specific frequency. This is true with all perceptions, values, beliefs, thoughts, words and behaviors.

For example, "deception" and "hatred" carry negative frequencies. You can feel this because when you read the words, you might have resisted and contracted if even slightly. The reason is that they are associated with undesirable consequences. Whereas, "integrity" and "unconditional love" carry positive frequencies because they are favorable consequences.

These extremes significantly distort, limit and exaggerate perception, and influence behavior. Thus we are fundamentally unable to see things and situations as they actually are. Then, from this inaccurate perspective, we draw inaccurate conclusions - about ourselves, others and all life - and make misguided decisions. (Given this, I’m frequently amazed at how well our world works!)

Polarization establishes a paradox. Extremes embody the same nature, yet at opposite poles, which creates a conflict that must be reconciled. Examples are:

bad -> indifference -> good
wrong -> indifference -> right
fear -> indifference -> trust
deception -> indifference -> integrity
greed -> indifference -> generosity
violation -> indifference -> respect
hate -> indifference -> unconditional love
penalty -> indifference -> compassion

The negative frequency has dominated human consciousness. Hence, our perceptions, decision-making, and the thinking and behavior that result, have been essentially negative - limited, controlled and controlling, deceptive, violating, destructive and... Both history and current affairs amply demonstrate this.

“The entire universe is a projection of your mind,
and is literally maintained by your continuing observation of it.
It is a quantum fact.
The obvious question is: why, then, are you apparently not aware of what you do?
The answer is: you are aware of what you do,
but simply obscure your awareness because you fear your own Reality.”

Liberation... a glimpse

You begin to liberate yourself from the painfully confining polarized perspective as you transform your mindset from dislike and exclusion to one of respect and inclusion. This develops a unitive consciousness that enables you to regard everything and everyone as intelligent and valid within the play of polarity. Yet, at the same time you are able to discern its validity for you personally, and whether or not you want it to be part of your life.

Seek to understand the value of the limitations and exaggerations that formed you and everyone into the uniquely gifted and valuable people you are. Intend to transform your negative coping strategies to positive, healthy responses that yield positive results. These will begin to recondition you to a mindset that presents life as an intelligent, integrated, dynamic whole... comprised of countless similar, diverse and even opposing aspects, all with valid and necessary functions. In the process, you are reconditioning your brain and nervous system from negative performance to positive performance.

Drop judgment, as though it’s a hot poker that sears whenever you touch it. Perceive differences without placing blame on them. Comprehend all experiences as intelligent responses to processes that lead to situations you know you will never fully understand; yet, that with a growing trust in yourself, you can accept. Hence, rather than deem anything as right or wrong and separate from it, simply discern its relevance or irrelevance for you, and choose wise action accordingly.

In other words, perceive value and opportunity in everything, even if insignificant, inconvenient, demanding or painful to yourself or others. By perceiving even the most abhorrent of violators as a reflection of negative dominance distortion, you can replace judgment with compassion. This unbiased and equitable perspective will set you free. As more of us make this shift, humanity’s mindset will shift as well, societal changes will naturally follow, and will lead to a safer, more secure world.

The best part is that you will experience more freedom. When you operate from the positive frequency, nothing can stop you from achieving success. This does not imply that there will be no obstacles or hindrances, but that you will always find a way to move through, around, over or under them, or take an altogether different direction. It’ll be your choice, from your wisest perspective.

1) How have your ideas, perceptions, or feelings about polarity developed or changed from completing this activity? What will you do as a result?

2) Recall and describe the fears, resistances, or limiting perceptions that you experienced while completing this activity. List them in priority order and explain what you are ready to do about them.

3) Reflect on the activity's important points, and describe how you feel empowered.

Copyright, 2003, Marianne Weidlein

“Don’t aim at success -
the more you aim at it, and make it a target,
the more you are going to miss it.
For success, like happiness, cannot be pursued;
it must ensue,
and it only does so as the unintended side-effect of one’s dedication
to a cause greater than oneself.”
Viktor Frankl

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Marianne Weidlein, author and transformational facilitator, combines her 35-year background in human potential development, spirituality and self-employment to help groups and individuals achieve success. Her expertise is self-mastery, co-creative relationships and self-employment. For the past two decades, she has facilitated innumerable programs of varying sizes and formats to thousands of individuals and partnerships, using her techniques and curriculum.

Marianne holds a BSBA. Her books are Empowering Vision For Dreamers, Visionaries & Other Entrepreneurs; warm liquid life and her forthcoming The Passage to Freedom, based on her transformational facilitation program.