The good old procrastination… The thing that kills valuable time and makes you eventually sit through long nights to meet the deadlines. Something that prevents you from achieving your ultimate dreams and living life beside the work to the fullest extent. However, we’re all humans and sometimes we don’t want to do even the work we normally enjoy or simply don’t mind doing, let alone finishing projects and assignments we just can’t convince ourselves to start.
Work has to be done no matter what. Therefore, determining the reasons why you’re putting it off and finding effective solutions to eliminate them will help you stop procrastinating and approach various work assignments, even if they’re not the most interesting things in the world, with passion and productivity. Ok, at least with the semi-decent productivity.
So, let’s see what may help you stop putting things off till the last moment and how you can make yourself do things you don’t really want to do.

How to make yourself do something you don't want to do

1. Don’t be afraid to screw things up.

One of the main reasons people who’re generally quite disciplined and don’t let procrastination seize their minds can’t start doing work is that they’re afraid of doing something wrong and screwing important things up. If you’re one of those people, you need to change the way you perceive the results of completing complicated projects. Instead of viewing it as the way to accomplishing something outstanding and get recognized by your boss and colleagues (which will only increase your fear of messing up), you should seek motivation in keeping up with the work and the status you already have, keep your boss from getting angry if you fail to complete the project or conform to the deadlines. Unfortunately (or luckily, I couldn’t decide), when people are put in front of a threat or focus on avoiding a certain loss (like, losing your job, not generating decent profit and therefore being forced to close your moving or general construction company), they become much more productive and determined than if their mind is set on accomplishing something great.

2. Start whenever you’re supposed to work, but not when you feel inspired.

Work isn’t always supposed to be fun, engaging and exciting. Even a dream job involves a ton of routine tasks, projects you might not be keen on and difficult situations that need to be solved. Your personal issues often get in the way as well, as they impose a huge impact on your general mood, desire to move and do something. Therefore, don’t wait till the skies bless you with inspiration and get to work the moment it arrives at your desk. If you’re self-employed or freelance, set up your own schedule and don’t allow any distractions during that time. Then, you’ll have a certain portion of your day exclusively devoted to work/business assignments, which will allow you to enjoy free time after the ‘working hours’ are over. Otherwise, your procrastination will make you think about work during the whole day. You won’t be productive at work and at personal life at the same time. So, divide and conquer.

3. Apply a strategy of self-restraint.

If you need to do something you don’t want to do, but really have to, don’t allow yourself to do anything until you finish the task. Sit down at your desk and don’t move until you complete your assignment or manage to get a decent portion of it done. In order to make yourself start, sit down and make yourself work for 5 to 10 minutes. Don’t get up and walk away. Don’t ‘research’ or ‘ask for advice’. Just do what you’re supposed to do. If it’s writing an article or a report – start writing even if your first paragraph comes out like a complete disaster. Don’t let yourself take long breaks. Literally, don’t leave your workplace unless you need to go to the bathroom (and don’t take you phone with you in that case, I know you thought about it!). Use as many restrictions as you need to glue yourself to the project and complete it.

4. Find something good about the task you can’t start doing.

Even it’s the most routine, repetitive and boring task in the world, make it sound at least a little bit attractive. For instance, the fact that you won’t have to worry about it after you get it over with is a huge motivation for many. If you have an office job (if you’re a civil rights lawyer, an accountant or even a creative designer) and lack inspiration, turn doing the part of it you can’t stand into a habit and reward yourself for sticking to it every once in a while. (Reward every once in a while, but not stick to it every once in a while). This applies not just to work assignments, but also to household chores like doing dishes or folding the laundry.

5. Make it official.

Tell your friends, or family members or your colleagues about your struggles and deadlines. Ask them to check on you every day. Make a bet with someone. Public commitment and threat of a public humiliation will force you to work even if you don’t want to, as you won’t like your failures to be discussed by other people.

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