What do horses know of business? Turn’s out quite a bit and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

1. Be present

In each moment, with every client, with every colleague and collaborator, and with all of our business matters. Even your ideas.
Here's me as a child learning future business tips!

Here’s me as a child learning future business tips!

Show up in your business like the professional you are – ready to take what the moment provides.

2. Be Authentic

People love you for you! Your clients are attracted to you. If we are trying to be someone else in how we talk or act or what we say – people can feel & sense the in-congruence of that. Plus we lover quirks, snorts and opinions. So, just be YOU, Awesome-Sauce!

3. Be Clear on Your Value – (yes your $)

Money has been a tough one for me to work through, given my childhood history of need, want, lack and poverty. Free church food boxes were our friends. Hold firm and know your service, gifts and YOU are valued – in fact write down 20 ways people are transformed after they work with you! Do it now :) You wont regret it!

4. Listen with your Heart

Gut check. Heart check. Intuition check. Does this decision feel good? And is it in alignment with my heart’s vision? If not, explore why you are feeling pulled to make this decision.

5. Always keep Moving Forward

Move forward, move left, move right, move incorrectly, move perfectly. But just move. If you need a moment to catch your breathe do it. But don’t stay stagnant you will run out of resources in your current location, so keep on keeping on. Its how inventions are made and life is created.

Author's Bio: 

Jessica Baker helps healers to 'come out of the closet' and share their gifts with the world through a prosperous heart-guided business. She is an expert in transforming experience into strength and in overcoming the past. Jessica is a healer, coach and lifetime horsewoman whose own journey of healing inspired her to help blaze a trail for other healers to step forward. Learn more at www.Jess-Baker.com