Many networks out there hear about network marketing software. But what is it?

My goal here is to remove some of the confusion surrounding network marketing software and the difference from network marketing systems. Network marketing systems, as far as the online world is concerned, are systems that give the user access to recorded and live online training, capture pages (also known as press pages), pre-written auto-responder campaigns via email and some kind of funded proposal opportunity. A funded proposal system is basically a system that channels leads (people who are interested in MLM or a home-based business and people who are already in MLM) into a lead capture and follow-up funnel and allows you to take advantage of those leads who join your business and from those who do not join your business. You achieve this by becoming affiliated (usually affiliate free) with various generic MLM or home business information or software products. The system then markets all these products to your prospects for you, and when prospects buy these, you make commissions. The commissions from these affiliate products allow you to cover the costs of advertising and other business costs, so the commissions you generate from signups to your primary network marketing opportunity will be pure profits. These systems are simple, generic and inexpensive, yet powerful. The main disadvantage of these systems is that they are fairly generic. However, most systems of this kind allow custom email campaigns and custom Lead capture page to allow you to tailor a capture page message to your particular opportunity.

MLM systems differ from network marketing software. The software I am talking about would be a complete lead capture page, sales page, lead follow-up and prospect management system created from scratch for your specific opportunity by a company like MLM Team Sites or Home Office Pro. This software system produces self-replicated sites so that your downline can be connected as soon as they join. There is usually no funded proposal for such software, but it can be incorporated. The system created is certainly not generic, but the main disadvantage is that it can be very expensive. Generic network marketing systems are usually around a month, but hiring a network marketing software company. You probably won't want to hire such a software business unless you had at least 100 people in your downline who would commit to (and share the cost of) such a solution. For more visit here

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MLM systems differ from network marketing software. The software I am talking about would be a complete lead capture page, sales page.