If you put yourself ahead of me, I might not follow; If you ignore me, I will have no one to follow; If you put yourself above me, I will not look up while you are looking down; If you put yourself beside me, we will walk as one with the strength of two.

Wayne Kehl

This quote is a reminder to everyone on earth that we are all created equal and that we perform better when we go through life on an equal footing with everyone we meet. We are all leaders in our own way and we all follow others from time to time. Leadership and followership in personal and work relationships are difficult but inescapable. As long as we have relationships, some folks will lead and some will follow from time to time.

Kids in the schoolyard learn at an early age that some children run faster than others and some enjoy a greater capacity for learning. They also learn that very few kids are better at everything than everyone else and that where one child lacks, another one excels. Everyone is good at something and everyone deserves a chance to excel in that which they can be great.

Modern business almost always puts some team members at the top, some at the bottom and some in the middle of the hierarchy. That structure works well, only when the people at the top recognize and understand that without the people at the bottom, the ship of business has no hull and will sink; without the people in the middle, the ship has no engine and will not move, but without the people at the top, the ship will only drift off course for a short while until a new rudder is found...and the world is full of rudders looking for a new ship!

Most people would agree that there is no place in marriage or family life for arrogance, greed, guile, cruelty, dishonesty or favouritism. The same holds true for business but we find all of those negative traits in the offices and warehouses of the world every day. It is almost as if many people who understand the values of honesty, kindness and fair play, lose all cognizance of those qualities the minute they walk through the doors of their workplaces each morning. People at work are owed and deserve the same level of respect as those at home. It happens at all levels in all industries world-wide every day.

If you want to be truly successful in any area of your life, remember that you were created equal to every other human being and that the status you have attained is only an indication that you are different...not better! If you treat everyone with respect, honesty and kindness at all times, your personal life will be a joy and your career will soar beyond your wildest dreams. Conversely, if you put yourself ahead of others, ignore them, become complacent to their needs, lord your position over them or put yourself on a pedestal, no one else will care about your status and you will wander aimlessly through life, alone and successful only to yourself.

If you want to be happy and successful, think about the folks around you and try to help them to become just as happy and successful as you would like to be.

Life is for living!

Wayne Kehl

Author's Bio: 

Wayne Kehl is an author and lecturer in British Columbia, Canada. Find out more about Wayne at www.waynekehl.com and www.dlionline.ca