Simply 7 tips for 7 days of Positive Creation

Self-nurturing means, above all, making a commitment to self-compassion, to the creation of a loving and positive attitude toward yourself.
Jennifer Louden

It is so inspiring and energizing to try new ways of doing things. Adding something to your life that you have never done before can be exhilarating. Now maybe many of you have done something similar to what this article is about, and that is great, if it worked for you and was productive, do it again.

So, what am I talking about? This article is all about simplicity and implementing an easy strategy or thought process into your daily schedule for 7 days.
You can do this each week with the same or different positive tips until they become a daily way of being. You can also create your own daily tips of improvement on things that you would like to incorporate or improve upon in your life.

This simple strategy works wonders in a very easy and creative way, as well as continuously bringing forward all the best ideas, thoughts and wants that you would like in your life. It also gives you a daily platform to take action with each one.

Positive Creation Tip 1---Turn off the negative chatterbox…

In all of us there are times during each day when something negative may enter our space. It could be a negative person, a negative thought, etc. When this happens throughout your week, be aware of, and make an immediate effort to switch to a positive mindset.
Make a conscious effort to wipeout the obstacles that may come your way, instead of keeping the focus on limitations and things that are not working the way you would like at that moment, focus instead on all that is working and what you can do to change things that are not working the way you would like.

Positive Creation Tip 2---Be aware of the words in your vocabulary…

Think happy, empowering words. Instead of using I can’t or I am not that lucky, become aware, and start changing the downer words you may be using on a daily basis that do nothing to empower you, but instead keep you in a negative atmosphere with no good coming from it.
Make it a habit to use uplifting, inspiring words in your daily vocabulary. If you are thinking I can’t do that, instead change that thought to I can do this, etc. It is not that difficult to begin adding positive thoughts into your daily mindset.

Positive Creation Tip 3---Make requests without the fluff…

Many times we are to afraid to state what we want in a clear way, and so we may unintentionally manipulate, or dance around what we really want to say, we may even give hints expecting the other person to be a mind-reader.
Be clear, don’t feel intimidated to state what you want, the other person can only say yes or no, and if it is no, at least you will have clear communication, as well as harmony with each other.

Positive Creation tip 4---Love your body…

Sometimes when you are so busy running around, you may neglect taking care of your physical self without realizing it. Take the time this week to be aware of what kind of nourishment you are giving your body.
Be mindful of how you are treating your body. Are you exercising? Appreciating the beauty of your body? Are you caring, and in tune with what your body needs? Tap into your inner self, and explore the needs of your amazing body.

Power Creation Tip 5---Be open to learning

Simply make it a point to learn something new this week.

Power Creation Tip 6---Be open to using the powerful tool of your intuition

Everyone has the ability to tap into his or her intuition and inner instincts. If you take time during the week to quiet your mind and tune into your inner self, you will be able to clear out the chatter long enough to allow your thoughts, intuition and instincts to come forth. This will help you to tap into new solutions, new innovative ideas, as well as help you to meet your personal and business goals.

Power Creation Tip 7---Get rid of the clutter, balance your home and office…

Have you ever noticed if you have piles of papers, or are disorganized in any area of your home or office, you basically feel off balanced?
This is obviously because these things represent bad Feng Shui. When you walk into these areas of your life space, you should be feeling positive energy and happiness, if you don’t then something is not quite right.
Take a good look at what each area looks like; is anything broken, dusty, out of place or just not looking like it belongs? If so begin to clear the space of anything that looks unwanted and replace with energizing life-offering things, such as beautiful plants, pictures, organizers to keep all your things in the proper place. Bring in warm colors, and energizing things that make you happy. Create wholeness in your space that you love.

So there you have it, your first set of power creation tips. The best way to use this tool is to pick a day of the week you would like to start. You can choose any day of the week and follow through for 7 days.
On day one simply take a look at tip 1 and begin to implement it throughout your day. On day 2 you can implement both tips 1 and 2 and so forth.
Be creative, you do not have to follow my order of creation tips, you can choose which day you will begin which tip, you can also add or change a tip to one that you want to start implementing right away. It is your call; this is your power creation plan to follow as you decide.

Wishing you the power to integrate the creations that you want in your life!

© Copyright2009 Lori Snyder

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Lori Snyder partners with people who are ready to begin moving their lives in a forward direction. I believe that each person hold within them powerful inner strength, that when tapped into, can help them to create positive results towards making their lives an extraordinary one. Lori is a Certified Executive/Empowerment Coach. She is also a successful speaker, writer, workshop facilitator and entrepreneur.