While the media allows people to be informed about the world they live in, they also allow them to be misinformed. And at times, it is going to be hard to know whether it is the former or the latter that is taking place.

One might come to the conclusion that this is because some human beings are easily influenced and yet, there is more to it. Due to the way that the media presents things, it is not always easy to work out what is true and what isn’t.

So it won’t matter whether someone has the ability to think critically or not, as there are going to be times when they are going to just accept what the media presents.

Critical Thinking

This is not to say that critical thinking is of no use, what it means is that the media is highly skilled when it comes to the art of deception. The more developed ones critical skills are, the better off one will be.

However, this is an ability that one is going to have to develop themselves in most cases. And this is due to the fact that it is highly unlikely that one is going to be assisted by their society.

People are generally encouraged to believe what they see or hear and not to think for themselves. For if people were to think for themselves, the media and the sources of power would no longer have the same control.

Not Enough

And one thing the media likes to focus on is how there is not enough. This can apply to something that is fairly insignificant, to things are extremely significant. When something is being sold for instance, it is not uncommon to hear that there are only so many available.

This then motivates people to take action; as if they were to say that they have an unlimited amount available, it wouldn’t motivate people to take action. And as someone is not going to lose anything by not buying it straight away, they are going to be in a rush to buy it.

In the worst case scenario, from the seller’s point of view that is, it could cause people to completely forget about the product or the goods that are being sold. And this is clearly not going to be good for business. So through creating the impression that there are only so many, ones attention is going to be placed on what they will lose and the pain that this will create if they don’t take action.

Relatively Harmless

Now, this could cause people to buy things they don’t really need or to buy things they can’t afford. But just because one is being led to believe that there is only so many pairs of trainers or items of clothes for example, it doesn’t mean that one has to develop a lack mentality.

They could have the outlook that there is only so many of what is being sold at this point in time and that this doesn’t apply to life in general. It is then a separate occurrence and not something that defines their life. In some cases though, there are going to be people who allow this to colour every part of their life.

Far More Significant

When it comes to things that are more significant, it is going to relate to the areas of life that will have an effect on one’s ability to survive and thrive. So this is going to include: money, jobs and energy.

These are important areas of life and so when these are mentioned, people are generally going to take notice. So not only will this consume someone’s attention, it is also going to have an impact on their beliefs.

And as the media likes to focus on how there is not enough money, that there are not enough jobs or how the energy of the world is running out; one is unlikely to create beliefs that are empowering or supportive. Even though what the media is presenting is not the truth and just reflects what they have chosen to focus on, it can end up being taken as the truth.


If human beings were just observers of their reality, it wouldn’t matter what they allowed to enter their mind. But, it is not possible for someone to just observe anything. So whatever one allows into their mind is not just going to sit there and have no effect, it will play a part in how they experience life.

The mind is a garden and whatever one puts in there is going to grow. This means that when one allows the Medias seeds to enter their mind they are not just being informed, they are being transformed.


So if one is already living a life of lack, the media is just going to validate their reality. But if this isn’t the case for someone, the media could soon put this to an end. It will all depend on how conscious someone is.

Ones reality is also reflecting back what they believe and so if they believe there is not enough, then that is what they will experience. This is why it is important to pay attention to what one believes.


When someone believes that there is not enough, they are not going to be able to trust and to let go. They are going to be in a place of fear and other people are going to be seen as a threat to their survival.

By creating the impression that there is not enough, it allows the media to control people. Their inner world is not their own, it is under the control of an outside source. So as it creates division amongst people, it means that the real problems are not being addressed.

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