If two friends had a multiple choice test coming up in a few weeks, it could be said that it would be a good idea for them to practice. Through doing this, they are likely to have a better chance of knowing what the answers, are and this will then give them the chance to pass the test.

However, if only one of them bothered to practice, the other could find the exam a lot harder. They are les likely to know what the answers are, and they could find that they end up choosing random answers.

It Looks Right

Once the exam has passed, they could tell their friend that they went for the answers that ‘looked right’. And while there is the chance that this will mean that they end up selected the right option each time, this might not be the case.

There could be a number of other reasons as to why the answer they choose looked right, and as this is an exam, it could be said that it will be important for them to pass. Another way of looking at this would be to say that they needed to know what they were talking about.

Another Chance

This is not to say that they won’t get another chance if they fail, as it should be possible for them to take the exam again. But if they need to pass the exam in order to get a job or to go to the next stage of their course, this is could set them up to experience unnecessary problems.

If they are in the first position, it could mean that they have to look for another job, and this could cause them to lose the money that they need to survive. Whereas if they are in the second position, they might have to put certain plans to one side that they had made, and this is because they are not going to be where they thought they would be.

Two Experiences

After this has taken place, they could feel like a victim, and they might even blame other people. They could say that they weren’t given the help that they needed and that life never goes their way.

Alternatively, they could realise that they are the ones who are at fault, and this is because they didn’t take the time to prepare for the exam. So if they end up failing the exam, they won’t blame anyone but themselves.

One Example

However, this is just one area where a lack of knowledge can cause one to experience problems in life. Another area where one can have a lack of knowledge is when it comes to what is taking place in the world.

Now, although this might not cause one to fail an exam; what it can do is cause them to support a number of agendas that they are not aware of. Yet even though they can have an inaccurate idea about what is taking place around them, it doesn’t mean that one will realise this.


Through paying attention to the mainstream media, one could believe that they know exactly what is taking place. They could be someone who looks into what is taking place once a day or it could be something that occurs throughout the day.

Thus, if anyone was to ask them about what is taking place in their country or another country, they would be able to tell them. And if they wanted to know about what has taken place in the past, they might also be able to answers their questions.

The Illusion

Yet even though one can believe that they are informed, this can be nothing more than an illusion. And this is because when one only pays attention to the mainstream media, they are only going to know about what they want them to know about.

This comes down to the fact that their purpose is not to inform people about what is taking place in the world; it is to inform them about what they want to inform them about. In this sense, the mainstream media is giving them a false idea about the world.

Masters of Manipulation

However, the reason why so many people don’t realise this is partly because they have been deceived for so long. Along with this, they have been exposed to so many sources that have provided them with the same information.

It is then not a case of something is true because it has been proven to be true; it is a case of it is true because so many news sources have the same view. Also, this is going to mean there will be so many people who have the same view, and this will be taken as another reason as to why what they are being told is the truth.


As a result of this, it won’t matter whether one is being lied to or not, as they are not going to know the difference. But if one believes that they are informed, this is unlikely to be something that will cross their mind.

This then gives the mainstream media the ability to continually manipulate people and this then allows them to achieve whatever they want to achieve. But it is not going to be as simple as telling another person about what is taking place, as they are likely to become defensive.


If one has an open mind and they are willing to question things, it can be a lot easier for them to see what is taking place. However, if this is not the case, they could end up feeling as though someone else is the one who is out of touch with what is taking place.

What this shows is how important it is for one to question what they are exposed to, and they could also take the time to look at the ‘alternative media’, for instance. This will give them a more balanced perspective when it comes to what is taking place in the world.

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