I do love good company! How about you? Isn’t amazing to share spontaneously who we are, what we love to do, to create or to talk about. To have a presence that sends a genuine message of truth and authenticity. It takes a lot of heart and love to take a stand and be consistent in our lives. The current is very strong outside. There are people that take a vote of silence and inner peace out of the outside noises, and master their capacity to silence their inner voices. In order to achieve this goal they go to magical retirement places and do what they do. Meditate, rest peacefully, and contribute in many ways working in soul matters. Other people, simply don’t have enough resources or their lifestyle is complicated and do not have tools and the courage to manage a decision that implicate free peaceful time for themselves. Some people feel being selfish if they ever do this. Having so much to do and having so many people that depend on them. Can you relate to that in any way?

I have met many amazing people and every one of them so accomplished in peaceful and happy lifestyle. And every one of them has done it in different ways. Even when they disagree on the way it “should be done”, still there is a common ground: Acceptance and outrageous self love. How powerful! What could be possible for you that very moment when you take full responsibility of everything in your life? Uff! Mayor words, right? But seriously, think about it! Having nothing more to hide or pretend anymore. What could be possible if you live knowing that the biggest love in your life if especially for yourself? And that you deserve it! I am telling you right now, you do this for yourself and many doors will open for you.

Haven’t you wondered why there are so many “depressive” people? Depression conditions have achieved epidemic proportions! That is so sad, don’t you think? And I have to tell you this: Depression is an illusion of loneliness. Depression doesn’t exist! What is taking place is distraction. Distraction of who you are and your self purpose. Depression is one stage of self invalidation by pretending to hide from your true responsibility to be honest with yourself.

There is no resting in hiding. There is a cause, a source that impacts our thoughts, feelings, our experience of life and our health. Sometime we in order to “change” our reality, start doing different things changing in fact our lifestyle. Even when we find peaceful space in that change, still feeling something inside that is just quite disturbing. That is because there is no freedom until we truly manage the inner causes that influence our results. Otherwise you are just hiding, postponing, and putting patches in stead of healing. Building over unstable ground is equal to play in life to lose.

Love gives us completeness. From there, there is no need to depend but to share. We build though love holiness and honor and make it tangible in everything we do. And that’s because we start to be conscious, we start to listen to all messages we didn’t pay attention before. We start focus our senses and start truly to care on what really matter in life. Being conscious give us choices that hold self power for us. Being aware let us surrender reason and let us trust in the greatness of creation of which we are part of. We stop the ‘Survival mode” to at last experience Life!

“It’s not about living forever. It’s about to live forever with yourself” Pirates of the Caribbean III and the only way that happens are by living life experiencing openly every aspect of it. Stop pretending not knowing what make our lives history the way it is. Without love, honesty, honor and passion… life may seems a black hole in the universe of no escape. Love, healing, truth, forgiving, consciousness, connection and faith make of Life a holy ground that is worth living.

Even when no one tough you how to live happily, take the powerful chance of the present moment. This “now” will be different from the “now” of latter. Every opportunity comes with brand new gifts and each one is unlike the one before. So! Since you are unique… count yourself as a blessing. Go and have the time of your life with you! And Have fun!

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Saritza Zambrana is founder of Fine Edge Coaching, a company devoted to teaching high caliber leaders to reach up their mastery manifestation in their life. And how create a highly successful and meaningful personal and professional life attracting and evoking spiritual community in their leadership practice. Creator of high-impact master leadership programs in Puerto Rico. Certified Coach, transformational trainer, Yoga teacher and latin magazine collaborator. To experience Saritza's coaching and find out more about her programs write to us! at: Info@fineedgecoaching.com