Fear is unnecessary worry. Fear is a lack of self-confidence. Fear is evidence of an inability to control one’s thoughts. Fear is often the underlying reason for failure. Fear limits one’s potential because the thought of fear results in inaction. Fear, ironically, is both necessary and a protection; but unfortunately, people use fear’s protection as a sad justification and excuse for an inability to take a risk. Fear is in everyone. And thankfully, fear is controllable and can be overcome.

People everywhere are far more scared of actually accomplishing their dreams than they are of failing to achieve them. Being average, good, or mediocre is certainly easier and less-risky than the work necessary to be great and successful in anything! Despite our potential, ideas, goals and dreams – we allow our fears and doubts to become traitors and the result is always inaction and regret.

In pursuit of our personal success, or striving to accomplish our dreams and goals, we often allow the ‘monsters’ under the bed to hinder our progress, unnecessarily consume our time and thoughts, cause unneeded worry, and even dictate our actions. Each of us has been a child who at times was scared and fearful of the ‘monster’ under the bed, in the closet, or creeping around outside. Ironically, the ‘monsters’ didn’t exist … except in our own minds! And yet, often we think and act like children by creating ‘monsters’ in pursuit of our dreams and success – they are now just different ‘monsters’ but are still created, believed, and exist only within our own minds. And while some of these adult ‘monsters’ do actually exist, they still limit our potential, create fears and doubts, produce unnecessary worry, result in inaction, and thus eventuate into regret and failure.

What are your adult ‘monsters’? Do you fear losing money, being embarrassed, or being different? Do you fear that taking a risk might possibly result in failure? Perhaps you are afraid of what others will think, say, or do? I am sure you fear or think that you don’t have the necessary time, knowledge, or money to achieve success. You also are probably afraid of the work necessary to accomplish your goal or dream – right? Truthfully, these adult ‘monsters’ are real, scary, and failure and disappointment are undoubtedly a possibility. But they will continue to be ‘monsters’ under the bed until you can eliminate them – not from real life, but from your own mind!

But how? Let me give you two real life examples that we all have experienced that not only answer the ‘how’ but also prove the power of our thoughts. Silly as they may seem, these life experiences illustrate the absolute possibility we each have to eliminate fear from our minds to accomplish our goals.

1)Bees: We each have been outside on a beautiful summer’s day when a bee starts to fly around us – very closely. Like most people, you start to focus your thoughts and attention on that annoying bee, and you actually become fearful that you might possibly get stung. Then, after the bee just won’t leave you alone, you feel your only option is to swat at it and try to knock it away or kill it. If you are lucky, the bee leaves – but often people get stung in this situation. Why? Do you believe that the bee can sense your fear and thus feels threatened; hence, the reason it stings you? Have you ever tried to stay completely calm when a bee is around, or actually focus your thoughts on something other than the bee and just walk away? Try it next time, and you might just be surprised at the results.

Bee’s sting us when they feel threatened, and they sting in defense because they literally can sense our fears. What are the bees in your life? Do you believe - more importantly, do you put forth action – that not fearing, focusing your thoughts elsewhere, and actually doing something about it will result in you not being ‘stung’? Keep in mind however, that the next time a bee comes, you will still experience fear – and you may actually be stung. Failures in life happen, and doubts and fears need to be constantly eliminated. But the more you can eliminate those voices of fear and doubt in your head, not only will you not be stung, but you actually might accomplish something during the time you would have unnecessarily worried about and swatted at the bee.

2)Dogs: If you haven’t experienced a bee sting, then surely you have at one point felt threatened by a hostile dog. Do you think that dogs can sense your thoughts and fears? Absolutely! A naturally defensive dog will exert power and protection until they sense from you that you actually do not fear them. The moment a dog senses from you that you are more powerful, confident, and in control (not fearful) – then you have won. Keep in mind, however, that there are some dogs that just won’t give in – just like it is inevitable to face some failure on the journey. But the more confident we become, the less fear we exude, and the more action we take – than the more ‘dogs’ we will overcome.

The moment we can stop focusing on and worrying about the imaginary ‘monsters’ in our minds, or even the real ‘bees’ and ‘dogs’ in our lives, and eliminate fear, exude confidence, and take action – we have perhaps conquered the greatest road block on the pathway to success. Unfortunately, fear is real. Ironically, fear is in everyone. Thankfully, fear is manageable and absolutely possible to overcome! Those who achieve greatness and success in life, who accomplish their goals and dreams, and who live up to their full potential are those who face their fears and learn how to overcome them … continually.

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