How to Get Hired For The Right Slot – In This Economy

Is it a scientific fact that whatever is measured – improves?
Does Attention create Concentration and Comprehension, leading to learning strategies and a better working-memory?

Your attention varies based on your motivation to learn and remember a particular subject. Bricklayers are rarely interested in learning Greek. They may be motivated to spend years to discover the intricacies of an internal combustion engine.

But what Personality Traits control the length of our Attention Span, concentration and being in the Focus Zone? Do these Five-Traits produce success in school and in our life career?

Which of These Five Personality Traits Are Dominant in You?

a) Extraversion – lively, gregarious, assertive, while enjoying action.
b) Self-Esteem – trust and confidence in your personal skills and strategies to achieve winning results.
c) Conscientiousness – paying attention and aroused. Attention to short and long-term goals. Delayed impulsivity, and avoiding being a perfectionist (micromanaging). Not watching the clock, but the results.
d) Emotional stability – feeling safe and secure. Team-Player using strategies emphasizing Emotional Intelligence.
e) Agreeableness – cooperation and active imagination open to learning from new experiences. Plays Well With Others.

So What

Let’s be practical, unless you see personal meaning and value in Personality Traits, it is, in-one-ear, and out-the-other. If you are interviewing for a position or a promotion - or are the interviewer for the hire – you need a winning strategy for the job or to choose the best candidate for the slot, agreed?

If you really understand the aforementioned five-traits you increase your potential for success up to 45% - according to Human Resources studies.

Did you realize up to fifty percent of hiring decisions lead to repeating the process because the chosen one does not fit in the company’s culture? They don’t make the cut or the probationary period for the slot. Study the Big Five Personality Traits
again - to avoid choosing the wrong woman or man for the specific position.

All hiring and promoting is subjective because we are humans not robots. Human Resources experts suggest using a checklist to evaluate and record your opinion of each candidate’s Emotional Stability-Extraversion-Conscientiousness-Self-Esteem-Agreeableness in their Interview.

Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Results

Do we put too much emphasis on a candidate’s educational background and past employment experience, and not enough on their emotional intelligence?

Does every Harvard graduate have an ‘A’ in Emotional Stability-Agreeableness and Conscientiousness? We have interviewed Community College graduates whose personalities overcome all our prior beliefs and expectations because they are motivated to learn and improve. It is their personality traits that win the position.

Does being a successful stockbroker (salesperson) on Wall Street, guarantee the talent required of a Sales Manager for IBM?


Can a shy, introvert be a killer member of top-management because they bring Emotional Stability and Conscientiousness to the table? Which is the dominant factor required, social intelligence (skills), advanced education or past work record?

Life experience never produces the perfect candidate with all Five Personality traits, who is an A+ scholar, with excellent work experience. It always remains your subjective decision, but not a crapshoot when you understand the five winning personality traits.

Inquiring Minds Must Know

Where does Attention start?

The brain chemicals that create Attention are Dopamine and Norepinephrine.
Now remember the following brain structures involved in exciting Attention are:
Parietal and Frontal cortices and the Thalamus.

Who Cares?

The secret of focusing your Attention and eliminating auditory distractions is to study and take all exams wearing earplugs. There is no rule against this simple
solution, and it adds up to 65% to your final work product. Experiment now.

Emotion Signaling Your Nonconsciousness

You have probably read that adding emotion to your Affirmations and Visualizations influences their success as a cue to nonconsciousness.
The omitted element from all gurus is how to emotionalize your desires.

Simple and Easy
You are required to use your Body Language and make a loud clapping noise to
emotionalize your requests for bodily repairs or help to reach goals and desires.

You know the football Referee’s signal for a Touchdown and a Field Goal when you
see it, right. It is both arms raised to parallel to heaven. The same signal in baseball
is for a Time-Out. The only thing missing is to create an Emotional exclamation point.

How? Loudly slapping both hands together at the top of the parallel arm-raising symbol.

One More Once

When you use an Affirmation or a Visualization to reprogram your Mind-Body connection, you are using non-verbal language to reach your nonconsciousness.
You are exciting your Right Hemisphere, Nonconsciousness and Emotional decision making. No words in isolation work. You need non-verbal action symbols.

When you wish to activate benign repairs to your organs, structures, systems or
cells, you must end each request with your emotional signal – arms-raised parallel
for a touchdown and loudly slapping (clapping) left with your right hand.

Only use the Hands-Up gesture for those goals and behaviors you wish to realize.
If you do a great job of mental imagery and/or affirmations, and omit the Emotional
non-verbal gesture, nothing happens. Got it?


There are three major muscles that create an authentic Smile. Only Inquiring Minds must know: Zygomaticus – raises sides of mouth, Orbicularis Oculi – creates
crows feet at the sides of each eye, and Risorius – pulls the lips horizontally apart.

When you fake a smile – intentionally forcing these muscles to activate, there is no physiological or mental difference in the secretion of hormones, enzymes, and neuropeptides from a real, genuine, authentic smile. It is good for you.

Smiling activates your immune system for healing. It produces Endorphins that
reduce or eliminate pain. Your blood pressure is lowered, and chronic stress is put
on hold for up to ninety minutes by one minute of smiling. Experiment, it is fun.

N.B. We offer no medical advice just opinions, based on our personal experience. Always follow the advice of your physician.

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