Premature ejaculation, characterized by uncontrolled ejaculation of semen is one among the frustrating sexual health disorders found in men. This condition occurs either before or after the period of intercourse. Minimum stimulation and unsatisfied relationship with partner are two main drawbacks of premature ejaculation problem. Causes leading way to the risk of this reproductive disorder can be physical, psychological or both. Hormonal imbalance, injury, depression, anxiety and illness are some among the main factors contributing in the formation of this health disorder. Treatments prescribed to a person suffering from early ejaculation vary according to the actual cause and severity of problem. Let’s find vivid treatment options to cure premature ejaculation problem in men.

Improving lifestyle by consuming nutritive diet and practicing regular exercise is the best natural technique to prevent the risk of premature ejaculation. Patients are advised to avoid smoking, intake of spicy foods and alcohol. Application of topical anesthetic cream is a safe treatment recommended for premature ejaculation problem. Prilocaine and lidocaine are two main ingredients added for the preparation of topical anesthetic cream. Application of cream reduces sensitivity and helps in controlling ejaculation with no pain. Usually this cream is wiped off before intercourse time.

Intake of antidepressant is an effective treatment option to cure premature ejaculation. This type of medication is commonly prescribed for those patients suffering from emotional issues. If you wish to known your correct dosage level, never hesitate to seek guidance from a certified health practitioner. Studies have reported that, over use of antidepressants may negatively impact on your body causing health hazards like nausea, drowsiness and delayed orgasm. So it is better to seek guidance from a certified physician.

Counseling or cognitive behavioral therapy is an important treatment for premature ejaculation. It is a perfect solution to reduce the risks of psychological issues like stress, performance anxiety and relationship issues. For achieving best results, patients are advised to follow drug therapy in combination with counseling. Practicing stop start technique is another natural treatment to cure early ejaculation problem. Here the person is advised to masturbate alone so as to achieve good control over ejaculation.

NF cure capsule is a best recommended herbal health supplement for the treatment of premature ejaculation problem. It is a perfect solution for preventing the risks of reproductive disorders like nightfall, erectile dysfunction and semen leakage after urination. This herbal health supplement acts as a nutritive tonic and cures the side effects of over masturbation troubles. NF cure capsule is a perfect choice for those people suffering from weak parasympathetic nervous system. It supports the functioning of parasympathetic nervous system and boosts PC muscles for better performance. All the ingredients added for the preparation of NF cure capsule are completely safe and clinically approved. Jaiphal, shilajit, kesar and ashwagandha are some among the active ingredients added for the preparation of NF cure capsule.

For gaining optimum results, patients are also advised to practice kegel exercises in combination with drug therapy. Increasing muscle mass, improving sperm production, enhancing sperm motility, rejuvenating body cells and improving immunity power are other health benefits of including NF cure capsule in diet.

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