Just as with a fire, it's crucial to extinguish the flames swiftly to prevent further damage. Similarly, for men, being proactive about preventing prostate diseases from developing is key to maintaining overall health and well-being.

In modern society, factors like excessive stress and unhealthy habits can act as "fuel" for the onset of prostate issues. Even minor symptoms can be likened to "sparks," which, if ignored, may escalate into more serious conditions. Therefore, cultivating healthy lifestyle habits and promptly addressing any discomfort by seeking medical attention are essential steps to prevent the torment of illness.

Prostatitis: A Health Fire to Be Taken Seriously

The prostate, integral to the male reproductive system, is intricately connected to other organs. When the prostate becomes infected and inflamed, it leads to a condition known as prostatitis. This ailment ranks among the most common in urological practice, primarily affecting men aged 20-45, constituting approximately 25%-30% of urology outpatient cases. Chronic in nature, prostatitis manifests mainly as pain and presents a challenge to treat, often recurring and causing significant distress to patients and their families.

Additionally, the prostate secretes a thin milky fluid, a vital component of semen. Infection in the prostate can disrupt this secretion, compromising the nutritional elements essential for sperm function. This, in turn, impacts sperm vitality and survival rates, potentially leading to male infertility.

The progression of prostate disease is complex, with symptoms recurring intermittently. Early signs of prostatitis should not be overlooked, as they signify the beginning of a health crisis akin to a budding fire. Ignoring these symptoms allows the fire to intensify, making treatment more challenging. Therefore, men experiencing early signs of prostate issues must heed the warnings, take prompt action, seek regular and evidence-based treatment, and prevent symptom escalation, thus improving treatment outcomes.

Treatment typically involves a course of antibiotic tablets lasting 2-4 weeks, with IV antibiotics administered in severe cases or if oral antibiotics prove ineffective. Additionally, herbal medicine such as the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is beneficial, particularly for chronic prostatitis, offering heat-clearing, detoxifying, diuretic, and anti-inflammatory properties to alleviate inflammation and symptoms effectively.

Prevention: The Key to Prostate Health

Primary Prevention: Educating the population on prostate health and conducting regular screenings are essential to raising awareness and promoting men's health throughout society.

Secondary Prevention: Swift and comprehensive treatment post-diagnosis is crucial to preventing complications and long-term sequelae.

Tertiary Prevention: If the disease progresses, holistic treatment approaches are necessary to restore natural urination function and address pathological changes step by step.

Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic says, additional preventive measures include timely removal of chronic infection lesions from other parts of the body to prevent bacterial entry into the prostate, maintaining regular urination habits to prevent urine reflux, avoiding prolonged sitting or biking to ensure smooth prostate blood flow, and adopting a balanced approach to sexual activity to prevent prostate congestion. Regular physical activity is also recommended to prevent congestive conditions due to excessive sexual activity.

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