In our last issue of “Core Connections” we talked about the importance of building a strong and dependable support system consisting of carefully chosen friends with whom you can depend.

That was part one of creating a Power House support system. Part two requires creating an inner team of support.

When we set out to create a life and business that we love, are passionate about and fulfills us, we often feel like we are doing it on our own. At times it can be very lonely and isolating.

By building a Power House support system ~ on an inner and outer level ~ we are guaranteeing ourselves that all bases will be covered when the time comes to reach out (or in) for the help we need.

You have your outer team in place with friends you have hand picked and who haveagreed to play the role you have requested of them. You have a pretty good idea of when to call upon these people for support. Some outer team support roles include, holding you accountable, goal setting, championing and listening.

So what about the inner team? Inner team members are completely different sources of support. When you call upon your inner team members, you are activating from within an energy that allows you to tap into the brilliance, skills and support for which you chose that team member.

Here’s how you do it:

How to Create Your Inner Support Team ~

  1. Consider the areas of your life that you would like to enhance. What skills, talents, or opportunities would you like to build upon? Ex. You would like to be more organized.
  2. Think of someone you know ~ past or present, living or not ~ who possesses this same energy you would like to acquire. Ex. Martha tewart.
  3. Now close your eyes and tap into their energy and activate it within you . What does it FEEL like to have this energy? What is possible for you now that this energy is active in you?
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