If someone was to think about different parts of the world, they might think about how there are certain places that are “civilised” and certain places that are “uncivilised”. When it comes to the countries that are, over the years, some of these countries have tried to change the countries that aren’t.

One way this has taken place is by invading a country and then trying to turn it into a democracy. The western way of life is then forced onto a country, one with a culture that is likely to be very different, and this has largely been a disaster.

The Mouthpiece

The mainstream media is likely to play a big part in how the average person will view a country like this and what they believe needs to be done. This source of information, a source that likes to portray itself as simply being there to inform the public, can paint a country like this as being “primitive”, for instance.

As for the people who are causing chaos there, they can be seen as being the living embodiment of evil. Once this view has been laid down in someone’s mind, they could believe that their country, along with other countries, needs to send in their military.

A Big Difference

Compared with where they live, although their country is likely to have plenty of its own problems, it will be as though this country exists on another planet. That’s how different it will appear to be to where they live.

With this in mind, the best thing will be for their country, and other countries, to do what is necessary to “civilize” this country. Unless this takes place, then, it won’t be possible for this country to change.

One Option

They, along with their fellow “civilised” citizens in their country and in other countries, won’t be able to do a great deal about what is going on there. It will be down to the government and the military, among other organisations, to sort the country out.

If they are deeply concerned about what is going on in this country and want to play their part, they may be able to donate money or sign a petition, but that’s about it. That is unless, of course, they are in a position of influence and are able to directly influence what is going on.

Another Angle

What if, however, it is not this black and white, and what appears to be taking place in a country like this is partly a reflection of what a large part of those in “civilised” countries have lost touch with? Upon hearing this, someone could wonder how they, along with their fellow civilised citizens, could have anything to do with what is going on.

And, after reflecting on their own behaviour, how they typically feel and the thoughts that they have, they could believe that there is no part of them that is anything like the “evil” that is found in an uncivilised country. As far as they are concerned, they, along with their fellow civilised citizens, will have absolutely no connection to what is taking place somewhere else.

Going Deeper

To understand how what appears to be taking place in a country like this could be a reflection of what a large part of those in “civilised” countries have lost touch with, it will be necessary to acknowledge that someone has both a conscious and an unconscious mind. When it comes to their conscious mind, this part of them will hold their “negative” feelings and thoughts and the parts of themselves that they have rejected, among other things.

Therefore, one can then have a lot of positivity in their conscious mind but have a lot of negativity in their unconscious mind. In other words, they can be very civilised on one level and very uncivilised on another level.

Hidden Away

So, the feelings, thoughts and parts of themselves that are seen as being uncivilised can be pushed out of their awareness and held in a part of them that they are not aware of. Their ego-mind, with its numerous defences, will do what it can to stop them from becoming aware of this inner material.

Now, not only will this “negative” inner material be held in their own unconscious mind, it will also be part of the collective unconscious. This, something that can be seen as an invisible field of information, will contain all of the “negative” inner material that they and their fellow citizens have disowned.

Unconscious Co-creation

What is held in their unconscious mind will have an effect on what takes place in their own life and what they unconsciously feed into the collective unconscious will have an effect on what takes place on the planet as a whole. This can be seen as to why someone will be exposed to uncivilised behaviour in their own country and why they will see this behaviour in other countries.

Yet, if someone is identified with their ego-mind, the part of them that creates the impression that they are separate from everyone and everything, they will see themselves as being a passive observer of what is taking place externally. Plus, as they will be estranged from their own “darkness”, even if they were aware of the effect that their inner world has on their outer world, they wouldn’t be able to see how they are playing a part.

The Mirror

If someone sees the world through the lens of their ego-mind, there will be no reason for them to consider, let alone accept, that they are having an effect on what is taking place in their own life and what is taking place on this planet. What is going on “out there” will be the problem and they will just be passively observing what a going on.

It will be up to others, those who are “powerful”, to resolve the challenges on this planet. The “negative” inner material that is held in their own consciousness and is feeding into the collective consciousness will continue to shape their own experience and what is experienced on the planet as a whole.

Final Thoughts

What this illustrates is that regardless of whether someone wants to co-create their own experience or to play a part in what takes place on the planet as a whole, they are doing so. The key will be for them to go from being an unconscious creator to being a conscious creator.

To change their life and to no longer feed into the “darkness” that has been materialised, it will be essential for them to face and to work through their own “darkness.” This is a process and not something that will take place overnight.

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