In the moments when you are asleep and lucid in the mind allow the place of your days accomplishments to fruition from the mind of your creation to come forth from your subconscious that is the executor of your creative projects when you are tuned away from the immediate five senses. When the nervous system of the observer is unplugged from the sensory world because the body is at rest in a dark, quiet place away from sensory stimulation, the being then produces pictures in the frontal lobe that are the messaging system giving the observer feedback from cosmic mind the construct that is beginning to take form from practicing the navigation system. Away from working on your holographic navigation system the observer is in the paradoxical passive and active phase of receiving the gifts of mind being calibrated correctly during the day. More practice of your quantum mind tech tools produces greater results in the collection of data from the soul busy demonstrating archetypal constructs of mind that are lucid dreams. At the most exalted state of this dreaming we have the ability to awaken within the dream and to engage the actual experience. At his point the observer knows that there is no reality that he cannot be consciously present in and change. In addition the information that is imputed in a rapid firing of neurons from the soul language that forms a holographic picture of insight from the previous day’s record on multiple timelines (based on the quantum processing of the different areas of the brain).

Such is the process that takes place during the Cocooning Quantum Mind Tech™ tool that is recommended during the falling asleep phase at night, early morning upon awakening and any time you desire to seclude yourself away from the world and have a cozy, enlightened nap in a darkened room with the shades drawn, wrapped in blanket for optimum warmth. In the falling asleep state the place the mind goes is the holographic pictures that are formed by the brain including those worked on during advanced module III Holographic Navigation System QMTtool and then the drifting off into peaceful focus ensures that the observer has the instructions embedded in the subconscious mind what to lucid dream into creation and to show what the construct is becoming from the day’s focus. Any health concerns or spinal subluxations, or nervous system damage may skew the night’s progress in that area and healing is a priority of those areas first to ensure the correct flow of energy up the spine during sleep. If the enlightened observer has goals during the day and there are spine or other bodily injuries affecting the spine then what may occur is that there is a ‘hidden’ codex key thanks but you’re not going to remember this very well unless you heal first for pain or a blocked spinal area is creating ‘fear of’ something even success fro the body is threatened with injury and the observer requires to heal the ‘stall.’ Such a ‘stall’ is like a stalled car that cannot go much further on the journey of glorious change till the healing takes place and the Holy Spirit can use
the brain and nervous system correctly. The lucidity and coherence of dreams or incoherence is the health check by the soul using the nervous system and brain and the paradoxical state of the Holy Spirit’s empowerment as such. People we know with chronic pain are the soul enacting damage to the body during the day and continuing at night to alert the observer that it as entity must get on to a greater path in its life for there is great inner conflict somewhere unresolved. A mandate of the Holy Spirit is to allow the destruction of the body if the entity is expressing in a lower consciousness or endeavoring to create a higher consciousness and getting stuck somewhere in fear. All health issues arise from this condition including the acute injury phenomenon that the entity brings on to throw itself off the course of conflict or fear if the entity is not in the awakened state enough to make the changes through courage. Fear becomes those acute injuries; chronic conditions are hidden fears on a more subtle level unfaced and unreleased so that the entity is whole in the current incarnation and may move on.

Past life readings are unnecessary by psychics for this mechanism is enabled in all observers to access including relevance to health issues where symptoms are not let go of or a ‘fear of heights’ for example results in a fall and injury. Commanding from the Creator as the I enacts the power of the Holy Spirit to call forth the codex key for the
hyper jump taught in Blue Matrix Energetics as the resultant state given to enact the healing sequence of the DNA. Occasionally dreams that are past lives remembered are experienced during cocooning in order to facilitate moving on from any highly turbulent past lived before that may be presenting itself in the current incarnation again. Obviously the desire to relive past lifetimes is a huge distraction to the correct function of the current embodiment therefore there is a difference in desiring to relive those times as who the entity used to be and accessing codex key wisdom from them to apply in the current incarnation; this a psychic doing a past life reading is not able to facilitate for the observer. Usually they are unable to tell the entity where it is in the past incarnations as now; it is unwise to give all power away to such readers. Entity must put it together from the action of the Holy Spirit Mapping the information correctly for the current incarnation to be effective. I remember that in Egyptian, dynastic times those of us beings who reincarnated were encouraged to remember who we were in our prior incarnation and to live the mandate of the textual teaching such as the Egyptian book of the dead that stated the necessity of the soul to be clean of conflict and heaviness and the scales in the artwork of the Egyptians was the relevance of lightness of being to avoid death as understood today by not bound to a lower light hypocrisy moves and the being opens its wings again without death. Such were the symbols that adorned the early ancient civilizations that understood their true meaning, “remember the entity as self in wholeness, timelessness, lightness and sovereignty.” Incarnations into lower light challenges changed this throughout later history and that is why the ‘motherland’ symbolic map has been the true blueprint of archeology left behind that religion began to skew and loose the depth of its wisdom. For all who are able to read the symbols of the ‘motherland’ will unlock the failures of our society and challenges of the current incarnation. These symbols are used by science and medicine largely unconsciously and will not marry correctly with scientific, spiritual understanding till the objections of such knowledge is eradicated and they move beyond the revelation of scientific data that ‘prayer heals.’ Such has already occurred in a future time by those waiting in such professions to leave behind fear and to be given that codex key to move forward; incorporating the science of spirit greater in the body of work they present to the public.

As I mentioned before and many thousands of years ago as the Sky Goddess Nut an incarnation of mine taught that at the end of the day I swallow the sky at night which is the infinite mathematics of the quantum field multiplied as the creation of God manifesting into infinity; the stars in the night sky. A phenomenon occurs where as the sun sets, reflects of the water turning red then there is a point where there is no more reflection and a cold silvery sliver ow water is left and a red sun without the corona as bright where you may look at it and it is the illusion of a dying star. In ancient Egypt the red sun signifies death. Then the sky becomes darkened and the stars come out filling the night and it is a signified rebirth multiplied to the infinite. Our brain is empty falling into sleep into similar stillness and it is only later that REM state occurs and begins to bring lucid to the surface the reflections of the potentials of the days work of focus time which is revelatory of its mapping in the brain according to the quality of the cocooning experience. Upon rising we have a new day and a star is born in the heavens as our cells have been renewed and our bodies refreshed the only grind is fresh coffee for the day is another joyous experience where the entity is the star of the day forming the quantum field reborn again.

Receptor sites on the cells are then drenched with the outpouring of the protein coding that give new directives to the cell’s DNA to replicate to RNA that then creates the healing and new biochemical changes in the body. In the morning when you awaken then the consciousness is programmed to unfold and reveal the stormy revelation of divine intelligence on the observer’s neural activity that gives a psychic update on your creations progress instead of an alarm clock that shocks you into a skewed day.

Cocooning is a practice that is extremely relaxing and at the same time exciting as the freedom of unconscious, demented mind states are cleansed and removed from the being so that full conscious awareness may bloom greater each day.

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