In this article I invite you to un-cover the positive abilities that are hidden behind your weak points and to gain mastery over your assets.

Take a few moments to reflect upon yourself. What are your strong points, your assets? What do people see from you? What are you known for? Make a list of your five strongest points.

Your abilities might be obstacles on your life path if you use them automatically, without mastery.
An asset habitually applied without conscious awareness has become a mechanical reflex and is more of a handicap than it of help.

For example, someone who is a good communicator might exaggerate and just go on and on talking, not giving other people a chance to respond.
Somebody who projects friendliness to everyone, always and everywhere, can end up in pretty dangerous situations.
Leadership qualities can become a burden if you lose compassion, imposing your opinion onto others and acting like a dictator.
Courage can backfire when you force yourself to be courageous in any and all circumstances without listening to your inner voice.
A zest for work can turn around into disease and fell you when you ignore physical signs of fatigue.
When you give a lot of yourself for your activities, you might exaggerate and burn out.
The perfectionist who has a love for “accuracy” might descend into finding fault in everything and everybody, endlessly criticizing both others and the self.
Someone who is straightforward might run into bouts of anger when someone or something causes a delay.

It’s important to control your assets, to master them, and to decide for yourself where, when and with whom you express them. Do not be their slave, but their master. Use them with awareness to advance towards more joy and fulfillment in your life.

Take again a few moments to reflect about yourself. What are your weak points? Your Achilles’ heel? What are your bad habits? These are the qualities that do describe you but you would rather see them disappear, as you are not proud of them. Maybe you spend a lot of time in doubt, or talk too much, or feel overly shy. You may have a tendency to invest too much, or the contrary, be afraid to commit yourself or make big decisions. Maybe you are a perfectionist, too demanding, too nervous or maybe you make other people nervous, impatient and easily infuriated.

Weak points are actually positive abilities that have become exaggerated or twisted. It is possible to re-discover and re-claim the talents that have become weak points.
Beneath the weak point “endlessly talking” there is an ability called “good communicator.” Behind “bossing people around” we might find “leadership qualities” that unfortunately have become twisted.
Beneath “easily manipulated” there is “kindness and compassion.”
When all you do is doubt or when you are a perfectionist, it might just be a hidden desire to make sure you do the right thing.

I invite you to un-cover the positive abilities that are hidden behind your weak points. This may take some effort to find the hidden talent behind the weaknesses, but it is of great importance to reclaim the energy hidden into the real talents underneath.

Then listen to the guidance of your True Nature in order to stay balanced, and in order to stay away from extremities that push your talents back in a corner.
Having reclaimed the positive, it will become of service to you on your life path. You will need these reclaimed talents to fulfill your mission on earth.

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