Just before black-fly season arrives in May, I like to wander into the woods to see the early spring wildflowers
poke their heads up from the forest floor. Some of my favorites are the pitcher plant and Dutchman's-breeches.

If you look closely at the pitcher plant you can actually see the shape of a "pitcher." Its flared, mouth-like opening is a perfect receptacle for some unsuspecting insect;the next meal for this carnivorous plant.

The delicate flowers that droop from an arched stem are called Dutchman's-breeches. These tiny white flowers in the shape of pantaloons look like they are hanging on a line with their "ankles" up. Whoever named these little beauties must have had an exquisite eye for detail and be in communion with their Creator's whimsical nature.

What I enjoy most about native wildflowers is that you can still find them in their natural habitat as they were meant to be: authentic and wild.

How often do you feel as though you are in some foreign land trying to live a life that doesn't fit with who you are, and what you value? Day by day, this incongruity creates conflict. Eventually, you shut down, wither and your passion for life starts to dry up.These little everyday compromises end up costing you your health and well-being.

What if the "real" you were to come out of hiding? Are you sometimes afraid of what other people will think if they knew the real you? Maybe they would find out that you have doubts about your abilities as a parent, a partner, a friend, an employee, or any one of the numerous roles you play in your life. Could it be that what you've been hiding is some gift, talent or idea because you don't think its good enough?

I believe that if we are going to be more authentic in our lives then we are all going to have to come out of hiding and tell the truth about who we really are. It is only when the truth is brought out of hiding and, into the light, that we will be free to be the unique individuals that we were created to be. The world doesn't need another imitation. It needs each of us to express our way of being in the world.

Like the wildflowers hidden beneath the forest floor, the truth has a mysterious way of finding the light.Perhaps we are all divinely programmed to seek the light and, then again, maybe the light finds us.

This spring, may you find your own plot of earth to firmly plant your roots, stand up and express your real Self.

Author's Bio: 

Nancy Bishop is a Life Change Coach, writer and painter working with women at midlife in career and life transitions who are ready to create their life by blending passion with purpose. For more information on coaching programs and services visit www.yourlifeyourway.com