He was a student in the 6th grade. He was great in all subjects except Math. His step-father was sent to his room to help him with his Math homework. After a few minutes of silence, a loud yell of anger reverberated throughout the house.

His mother came in to after her son was slapped in the side of his head by her husband. He was yelling, "Are you that freaking stupid?"
(Except "freaking" was not the word he used.)

This was almost an everyday occurrence for this child. Not until several years later when his step-father and mother divorced did he understand the words being communicated to him were lies and harsh negative emotions. Nevertheless, the emotional scars had taken root.

Like all children, I was young and very impressionable back then.

Yes. That was me.

For a while, I believed the lies. I really thought I was good for nothing. I didn't think I would amount to anything. I believed it because it's what I was told for years and years.

After years of studying human behavior, I finally realized that I had to master communication with myself. I could not let the echoes of the past master my current communication I would have with myself.

The most important communication is the communication you have with yourself. You are the most important person.

There are 3 things I did to help pull my conscious and unconscious mind from the gutter of gloom and despair of self-doubt.

1. Repeat Reality / Forget Fiction
Once my step-father was out of the picture and I started thinking he may be the one with the problem, I knew that I may have some value as an individual. And if I had
some value as an individual, I may have some individual thoughts and opinions. So I repeated what I felt deep inside.

I'm going to step out on a limb here. I'm willing to wager my last dollar that even the most self-conscious and most unconfident person has a true sense of self-worth within them.

It just needs to be tapped into. Even if you've been put down all your life, I know you feel the true you, the valuable you inside trying to escape. Don't ignore those feelings, thoughts and truths.

Here are some things I did to master communication with the most important person.

Repeat the reality of you. The reality is "I am unique. I have talents that can not be replaced. I can contribute to this world like no one else. No one could ever replace me. I am that important."

Repeat this 10 times to yourself in the mirror in the morning when you get up and in the evening before going to bed. You may feel a little silly when you first start, but I assure you once you truly understand it and live it, this exercise is anything but silly. It's a powerful tool.

2. Help the hurting.
Find someone who is going through a troubled time and make yourself available in some capacity. It can be a student who’s struggling with grades. It can be a hurting single mother who has a hard time juggling everyday life and needs a babysitter (for free). It could be a close friend who has a hard time coping with the birthday of a recently lost loved one.

The point is you don't have to look far for the hurting. Don't make those hurting look far for help. This will do a great deal for mastering communication with the most
important person - you. You'll be reinforcing your value with actions that come naturally.

3. Give thanks for all you have.
It’s that simple. Don’t take life’s gifts for granted. Tell your family everyday you love them. Cultivate a love for what’s valuable in life. Try to understand that what’s
valuable in life doesn’t cost anything and, usually, the worthless things we have are the very things we pay the most money for.

Take these 3 points and use them to master the communication with the most important person.

Mastering this communication with yourself produces a successful speaker. After all, if you don’t believe in yourself by mastering your communication, your audience will probably tune into that immediately.

Mastering this communication with yourself produces a successful businessperson. After all, if you don't believe in yourself by mastering your communication, your company may not believe in you enough to push you up through the ranks.

Mastering this communication with yourself produces the confidence that parents need to be successful.
After all, if you don't believe in yourself by mastering your communication, your children may end up just like you (good or bad) - their model.

Master your communication with yourself for yourself and those around you will benefit. Learn to live and love life more than you ever have before.

I did. You can too.

Until next time keep looking and living forward.

Your Forward-Living Coach,
Mark Thompson

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Mark Thompson is developer and creator of Forward-Living. Forward-Living is a place to go for rich rewards for self-development. Learn about who you are, who you can become and most of all to live and love life. Don't settle for mediocrity. Experience Life. Your past is not you prison.www.forward-living.com