The key points to remember when looking at the lines on the palm are that lines shift and change, and that the quality of a line is one of the most important indicators of a line’s interpretation. Some authors say that they view the lines as energy power lines or as rivers as a way of understanding how clear and strong a line is.

The Heart Line

The Heart line starts on the percussion side of the hand and runs towards the Index finger area. An average Heart line ends somewhere between the Index and Middle fingers. This line concerns emotional make-up, the capacity to feel and to love, how it is expressed and how we relate to others.

A clear, deep, gently curved line that ends between close to the Index and Middle fingers shows someone who is emotionally balanced, has depth of feeling, and balanced emotional expression.

Interpreting the Heart line


Indicates emotional depth; the degree of curve indicates the depth


Emotionally level; may not form romantic attachments easily

Ends under Middle Finger

Direct approach to relationships; unsentimental

Ends under Index Finger

Romantic, vulnerable, idealizes romance and emotional attachments, generous, giving

Ends under Ring Finger

Extreme emotional distance and caution

Ends with Forks

Few: Emotional complexity

Many: Emotional Sensitivities

End forks sharply backwards

“Kinky kick”-adventurous bent(I don’t know about this one?)

End forks to Life line

Emotional issues from formative years are still present


Change in emotional attachment; broken heart

Double line

Great sensitivity, loyalty, twice the heart

Branch to Life line

Intensity for life’s work; sometimes workaholic (see life line)

Deep, Wide Portion

If it looks like a “rut,” it might be. Maybe deep feelings

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