Astrology describes the auspicious and inauspicious signs of every part of the body. According to this, information about the nature and fate of a person can be obtained from every part of the body.

A man whose teeth are directly raised and smooth, he is rich.
A person who has long teeth does not have a shortage of money.
A person who has thirty-two teeth, he achieves success in every area of ​​life and many times he speaks, it becomes true.
Those whose teeth keep getting dislocated gradually have a long life.
The women whose teeth are pointed, white in a straight and merged together, it is fortunate.
The husband who has 16-16 teeth at the top and bottom and is of white color, is a Priya.
If a woman's teeth are smooth and have some redness, she gets royal pleasure.
If a woman has teeth on top of her teeth, she is smart and ruling.

Information about the present, past and future of a person can be found through astrology and hand line. But at the same time the same information can be obtained from the feet of the person. Not only this, the nature of a person can also be gauged from the feet. Just as small inventions are made in the experiment school through small things, by means of the subtle signs of the nature and the mathematics of the planets, the future speaker can show the path of a successful life by sensing the auspicious events that occur in one's life. Huh. In such a situation, after giving complete study of the feet, giving complete information about the person can also be reliable. According to Skanda Purana, red-headed, soft, sweat-free feet are a sign of opulence. The sages and Maharishis have given the formula of Bhagyadarshan by palmistry as well as the symptoms of the feet of the male and female. While the auspicious signs of the feet indicate luck, the inauspicious signs on the feet cause the loss of luck.
According to Garg Samhita, a person who has a pink aura at the base of his feet or has a red aura like blood, then the fate of such a person has all the comforts of life, he occupies a high position.
If a person has a mark of an urn in his foot or signs such as lotus, fan, umbrella, bow, chariot, bumblebee, sun, moon, flag, mace, Pisces, arrow etc., then that person is extremely fortunate.
According to the Bhavishya Purana, if the fingers of a person's feet are equal, some tilted to the right, soft, mutually advanced, forward looking round and smooth and shining in appearance, then such a person acquires a very beautiful and prestigious position. it happens.
While walking, the feet of the feet of which touch well from the ground and are similar to red lotus in color, then the lady with such feet is rich and rich, there is no shortage of anything in life, as long as she lives, wealth. -British, full of happiness and convenience. A person married to a girl with auspicious traits leads a happy life like a king after marriage, an educated person occupies a high position, and the business of a person associated with the business sector is doing business day-by-day, night- Quadruple boosts.
The heel is spherical and soft beautiful, so the life of such a person is full of every kind of opulence and happiness. Men and women with big heels are considered longevity.
According to a rare ancient book called Samudra Tilak, if the toe is flat, chopped, crooked, rough or very small, the above symptoms are inauspicious.
Sweating on both the feet and soles of the feet is not an auspicious symptom. Excessive hair on the surface is also an inauspicious symptom.
All those who have the sign of a conch in their feet get their work done and the luck of such people is always with them.

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of the Indian Astrologers Council. She has more than 15 years of practical experience in astrology. She is a regular columnist in many leading newspapers in India.