Imagine getting up and starting your day in a world without numbers. Like many things, we take numbers for granted. I challenge you to go through your day without using numbers. No, you can t lie in bed all day. The trick is to carry on a normal day and not use numbers. Don t look at your clock or wristwatch upon rising. Don t turn on your radio or TV set. Don t call anyone. When you leave home, don t buy gum, a newspaper, a candy bar, cigarettes. Don t get on a bus or subway, or drive to work. Don t ride an elevator, or keep that important appointment. Get the point?

From birth to death, you re a number and in most cases, a series of numbers. The examples I ve just given represent the physical side of numbers, where they re used in some concrete way. Take a case in point without numbers, telephone companies would fold in a very short time. After all, aren t they in the business of numbers?

However, there s another side to numbers an invisible side. In the world of the metaphysical, this is known as Numerology, an ancient and accurate science. It seems numbers and Numerology have always existed together. In my collection of books on this subject, authors have given credit to various sources, such as Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, the ancient Chaldeans who are dated to have existed long before the Eygptians, the ancient Egyptians of which Queen Cleopatra VII was a noted master of Numerology, the mystic and mysterious Brahmins of India, and the sages of ancient China.

It s hard to pinpoint exactly where, when, why, and how numbers and Numerology truly began. The common consensus is that they began, and I quote, in antiquity. The references to the seven days of creation in the Scriptures may have been the first use of Numerology. Others in this field suggest that Numerology began when man walked with God that s a nice way of saying, before we got stuck in our 9 to 5, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, high-tech lifestyles.

Although the exact origin of Numerology hasn t been truly determined, there are strong clues. The Pythagorean and Chaldean schools of numbers are the most commonly used. Chaldean Numerology is much older, but the Pythagorean system of numbers is far more popular.

Personally, I use a combination of the Pythagorean and Chaldean systems
of Numerology in my readings along with my spiritual gifts of clairvoyance
and empathic abilities. Using your name and birth date, all the questions
you have regarding your life, future, past and present are revealed. What
are your lessons in this lifetime, what type of work are you suited for, is
your mate compatible with you, when will you meet your soul mate, is your
mate faithful? 

Your name and birthday also reveal your future and past lives, your strengths and or challenges, and how to turn those challenges into talents. It can help you with your children s future by giving you a real look at who they are, their strengths and future challenges so that you can prepare and guide them for their highest good.
A psychic in combination with
this tool, will give you more insight.

Author's Bio: 

Jackie Williams has worked for as a manager overlooking the talent department for a prominent new age communications company. Later as the internet developed, she diversified her recruitment specialty to server global clients for a internet based spiritual network.
She attained her Master of Arts in Anthropology from Northern Arizona University and her BA from Hunter College.