What is personal power?

Your personal power is based on your thoughts, your feelings, your experiences, and your knowledge.

We all have personal power within us. The level of this personal power varies from individual to individual. The way that this personal power is used also varies from person to person.

Right at this point, please pause and ask:
“How much do I know about my personal power?”

Please respond to that question in as much detail as you possibly can.

You make choices in life based on your personal power. Why? Because your personal power helps dictate what you can or cannot do.

You either react to or respond to events, circumstances, and people around you, based on your personal power.

So, why is personal power important?

Personal power is important because it will either create limitations for you, or it guide you to higher levels of achievement.

Your personal power is yours to claim and control.
Sometimes we give away our personal power by choice. Sometimes we give it away subconsciously.

One of the main methods for giving away personal power is when we subordinate to others. In certain circumstances we have to subordinate to others (for example; in a professional capacity, we have to subordinate to a manager or supervisor).

In our personal lives, it is a different story. Bob Proctor said that some of the people whom we subordinate to have little idea about their true potential let alone our true potential.

So, here are my Four Keys To Building and Maintaining Your Personal Power:

1. Choose your authority figures wisely – we all have authority figures in our lives. I would be hard pressed to find someone who does not have an authority figure in their life. Before you subordinate to someone, please ask yourself if this person is living the life that you want to live, or this person has characteristics and traits that you would like to own, in some capacity or another. Do they inspire and empower you to live a more purposeful and passionate life? I once heard that greatness gravitates to greatness.

2. Realise your abilities –in the October 2011 edition of Ideal Insights (7 Steps To Living With Purpose And Passion*), I suggested that you make a list of your skills, talents, and abilities. Your personal power will be boosted when you realise your abilities. Most people on earth do not fully realise how capable they are. Affirm your abilities to yourself, and create more empowerment in your life. How you feel and think about your abilities will have a major bearing on your personal power. Your abilities help to form your uniqueness.

3. Put healthy boundaries in place –if someone ever treats you in a way that makes you feel dis-empowered, make sure that you have strong enough boundaries that will protect you. Healthy boundaries are not limiting in nature, they are a mechanism which will liberate you. Be aware of which areas of your life need healthy boundaries. Then set those healthy boundaries and maintain them. Know when to say “No’ and when to say “Yes”. When faced with a situation in which you need boundaries, an empowering question to ask is”What about me?” Or if you wish to speak in third person, ask “What about *insert your name here*?” This question is not selfish or narcissist at all. It comes from a place of self care and self love (both of which you deserve, and rightfully so). It is your responsibility to look out for your welfare at all times.

4. Invest in your empowerment – develop your empowerment on a continual basis. You can utilise resources such as books, websites, audio materials, live seminars, hiring a life coach, magazines et cetera. What you invest in yourself, you get to keep. If you know people who have a strong sense of personal power, associate with them, and talk to them about building and maintaining your personal power. If you ever feel dis-empowered, please think back at the resources that you have used to empower yourself. Refer back to something that struck a chord in you. Your mental filing cabinet can be filled with the lessons you learn or insights you gain by investing in your empowerment. Use your mental filing cabinet to feel empowered again.

Your personal power is your birth right. Absolutely no one can take it away from you unless you allow them to.

Hold onto your personal power and use it to allow you in living a more purposeful and passionate life.
Your actions speak loud and clear about your personal power. People do not need to ask you about your personal power. They just need to observe your actions, and they will realise what your personal power is or is not.

Your personal power is yours, not anyone else’s. Please remind yourself of that whenever you feel the need to regain your personal power.

Quote: “Any area of your life that you do not empower, someone else will overpower.” Dr John Demartini

I sincerely hope that I have given you some simple insights into personal power.

Inspiring you to your excellence,
Ron Prasad (Author, Speaker, Life Coach & Executive Coach)

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