A common enemy that attacks most people’s dreams and goals is not having a strong and healthy self-image. This hidden self is responsible for helping you to achieve your heart’s desire or hindering your progress. It can also hinder you from playing a bigger game in life. If you’re ready to reinvent your self and self image, the following five strategies can give you a jump-start to living life on your terms.

Strategy #1: Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life.

To reinvent your self and self image and ultimately your life, you will have to swallow a bitter pill. It’s the pill of taking 100% personal responsibility for your lifestyle. This means not blaming your parents, your boss, your government or the economy – or anyone or anything for that matter. Taking 100% responsibility means you accept you are responsible for everything that happens to you – both good and bad. Once you embrace the fact that you can control your life by being responsible for all the actions you take, you’re now on your way with an effective strategy for reinventing yourself.

Strategy #2: Accept the Fact that Choices Affect Your Destiny.

If you embrace this strategy and realize how your choices affect your destiny, it will become clear how your seemingly insignificant choices create your ultimate destiny. For example, if you want to shred excess weight, every day presents you with choices that either moves you towards your goal or away from it. This is based on the actions you take. The choice to exercise, not eat two desserts, to have a fast food meal, all affect your future results from today’s choices.

Strategy #3: Move Beyond The Comfort Zone.

Who doesn’t like being comfortable? It’s such a warm and fuzzy place to be. We all desire to be comfortable and there are entire industries dedicated to making this a reality for us. However, the comfort zone can cause you to not live up to your full potential. You have to stretch occasionally to get the things you want. You have to go the edge once in a while. There’s no growth in the comfort zone. The irony is, being uncomfortable occasionally, can cause you to be really, really comfortable as you go about reinventing your life and living by design and not by default.

Strategy #4: Set Up Systems For Success.

Setting up systems to benefit your personal life contributes to helping you live the lifestyle you crave. A system is simply a collection of interdependent entities forming an integrated whole. After all, with all the chaos around us, setting up personal systems that support you can be a way to alleviate some of your daily stress. An example of a personal system would be to set up a Meal System. You can create a shopping list that can be used at a moment’s notice. This can be a shopping list which includes all the items you need for complete meals. Setting up a meal system can put an end to the age old question, ‘What’s For Dinner Tonight”?

When you become committed to reinventing your self and self image, the above strategies can help you accomplish this with practical real-world solutions. Realize that anything worthwhile will require effort and time. This is where 100% personal responsibility and your daily choices will come into play. Remember to keep it simple. You’ll notice the huge impact it has in helping you live your best life possible.

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