“When it comes to your money, what you think will direct what you say, what you say will direct what you do, and what you do will create your destiny” — Suze Orman

All of us have an inner dialogue that chatters to us during our waking moments. It is constantly judging, perceiving and commenting. It interprets events that happen to us through the filter of our beliefs. Unfortunately for many of us, this inner voice is often very negative or pessimistic. What do you say to yourself about money and your ability to achieve a prosperous life?

If you could have read my mind during the time I had less than I wanted, you would have heard, “I never seem to have any money. I hope the brakes hold out on my car for another few weeks. How will I afford to fix them? I’ll need new tires soon. Why can’t I seem to get ahead? How much have I saved towards my rent payment this month? It’s probably not enough. I’d love to have a new dress for Jane’s party but my credit card is maxed out. I guess I’ll have to wear that old one.” You get the idea.

If you accept that your thoughts create reality, you can see what mine were creating! In fact, I used to joke that the Universe seemed to know when I had a few bucks in my pocket. As soon as I began to feel the least bit abundant a crisis would occur and the money would disappear.

I learned about affirmations during this time. Affirmations are one of the primary ways that we can begin to control the shaping of our thoughts and attitudes in order to create change in our lives. When we affirm what we want, we make a strong, positive statement of something we wish to take place in our life.

I worked on those affirmations diligently. I wrote them down in a journal several times a day and said them to myself during meditations at night. I recently re-read some of those journals where I had written, “I now have a million dollars.” “I am prosperous.” “I am a magnet to money.”

I realize now why they didn’t work at the time. I spent every other waking minute affirming quite the opposite through my inner dialogue.

You can’t go from constantly worrying about this month’s rent to a few moments of affirmations, and expect transformation. YOU MUST BEGIN TO CHANGE YOUR INNER DIALOG.

Every thought you have has an energy or vibration. If you want something a great deal (prosperity) and hold positive thoughts and feelings about it, you will attract it into your life.

If you don’t want something (poverty) and constantly feel fear and anxiety about it, you will attract it into your life. Whatever you put your focus on begins a process of manifestation. Think about something — positive or negative — with enough strong intent and emotion, and you will have it in your life.

The interesting thing about holding strong beliefs about anything is that you’ll see proof of your convictions everywhere. If your focus is on fear of losing money, you will find yourself drawn to the news reports about the poor economy, bankruptcies, layoffs and the downward spiral of the stock market. You will also be surrounded by people who hold a victim mentality who agree with you that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. “Argue for your limitations and sure enough, they’re yours,” Richard Bach wrote in his book, “Illusions.”

If, on the contrary, your focus is on easily creating abundance, you’ll be drawn to the news that a particular sector of the economy is doing well, or that a local company is hiring more employees. Ideas will pop into your mind that will allow you to make more money. You’ll also, more often than not, find yourself in the company of people who are successful financially and hold views that agree with yours.

So how do you begin to make this change from worry and anxiety to peace and faith? You must begin to focus on your heart’s desire rather than on your worst fears. Does it happen overnight? Probably not. Can you begin today? Yes.

Make a commitment right now to pay attention to what you tell yourself. When you find that you’re feeling anxious or scared about your financial situation — slow down, pay attention, stop. Begin to notice the thoughts that preceded your fear. What were you focusing on just before the apprehension began? More than likely, you were dwelling on ideas of a fearful event, not being able to pay your bills, your car breaking down, being out on the street. Is this what you want to create in your life? No? Then it’s time to begin to break the habit of those thoughts. That’s all they are, a habit. Habits can be broken and changed. The book, “The Course in Miracles,” states, “I can choose peace instead of this.” That’s what you need to do to begin. Make a conscious choice to think peaceful (and prosperous) thoughts.

Many people have told me that they’re just “anxiety prone.” I believe that in many cases your anxiety stems from what you’re telling yourself. Try a simple experiment. Close your eyes and say the following to yourself for about 30 to 60 seconds: “I’ll never get ahead. I’m really a failure. I’ll always be in debt.” How do you feel? Depressed? Demoralized? Anxious? Hopeless? It’s virtually impossible to take any kind of positive action to get yourself out of poverty if you believe these things.

Now do the same experiment and focus on these statements: “Things will work out.” “I’m learning about prosperity and things are beginning to change for me.” “Today I’ll take some steps that will open up some opportunities for more income.” Now how do you feel? Hopeful? Optimistic? More confident? When you’re in this state it’s much easier for you to be open to intuitive messages pointing you to avenues of prosperity.

The key is to choose thoughts that make you feel better. In the previous paragraph I wasn’t asking you to affirm something like, “I’m rich.” Or “I have all the money I need.” Your mind would have simply replied, “Yeah right! Have you seen my latest bank balance?!” The statements I chose were what I call “bridge beliefs.” They were simply statements that didn’t have a strong positive or negative charge but allowed you to feel better and thus more open to your intuition.

Changing your negative thinking is like breaking any bad habit. It happens in stages. Today, this week, this month, begin the process of change. Take it one step at a time and keep walking.

Copyright 2011 by Lynn A. Robinson

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Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed., is one of the nation's leading experts on the topic of intuition. Through her work as an intuitive she's helped thousands of people discover their life passion and achieve their goals.

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