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I have been practicing and teaching Hatha Yoga for over twenty years and find it a wonderful system to unite body, mind and spirit. Hatha yoga is the practise of relaxation, meditation, postures and breathing techniques.
There are so many benefits to your health when you practice yoga-buts that's another article entirely!
If you have any health issues please get advice from a medical professional before embarking on any form of exercise no matter how gentle it may seem!
The posture I'd like to take a look at in this article is the bridge pose – Setu Banha Sarvangasana.
Benefits of the Bridge Pose
-This is a great posture for strengthening the whole of the back.
-The bridge pose stretches out the upper legs, spine, chest, shoulder area and neck
-The bridge improves the flexibility of the neck, spine and hips.
-The movement stimulates all of the abdominal organs-this is great for your digestion, lungs and thyroid gland.
-It is also known to calm the brain and central nervous system and so it is particularly useful if you feel stressed or upset.
-The bridge pose can help reduce headaches and backaches, particularly those in the lower back.
-As with many poses it is known to help naturally lower blood pressure and therefore be helpful for those with hypertension.

The bridge pose is a great posture and easy to do, but before we get started just a few tips and precautions;
-If you have any neck, back or knee problems please consult a doctor before practicing this posture
-Ask your doctor before practicing any yoga postures if you are pregnant.
-If in doubt-seek professional medical advice first.

So- how to do it
-Begin by lying on your back with your arms alongside your body, palms down and your legs outstretched.
-Bend your knees and bring your feet flat on the floor with your heels as close to your hips as feels comfortable for you.
-Check that your neck is relaxed and in alignment with the rest of your body
-When you feel ready, inhale- press your arms and feet down into the floor and lift your bottom, tensing the buttocks slightly.
-Carry on lifting up through the hips and spine until you come up onto your shoulders. Be careful not to push your abdomen in the air, allow it to be soft and sink down towards you lower back.
-Keep your knees and legs close together
-Gently push the arms down and away from you slightly.
-Make sure your shoulder blades are supporting your weight and NOT your neck.
-Hold the position for as long as feels comfortable, breathing easily.
-Lower on an outward breath, slowly and easily.

You can practice the bridge pose with the breath, lifting up as you inhale, pausing for a second in the pose and lower to the mat as you exhale, or, you can lift up as you inhale hold the pose breathing steadily and lower when you feel ready on an exhalation.

The bridge pose really is a great posture to try with so many benefits for your health and well being.

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I am a Reiki Master, Yoga and Meditation tutor and Holistic Therapist. I enjoy working with energies to promote health and well being.