Are you someone who gets sick frequently? Facing frequent attacks of fever, common cold, or perhaps, an infection? A poor and weak immune system might be the cause behind this. An immune system is an organized and vast network of tissues, cells, and organs that protect our body from virus and germs. A poor immune system means a weak defense wall, which makes us fall sick more often.

Now, the question arises, How to increase immunity?

Through yoga! Yes, using yoga for boosting immune system is a great way to build a strong and better immune defense system. Here are some best and effective yoga poses to boost your immune system.

Tadasana (Mountain Pose) - Tadasana is the best to boost your immune system, as this asana is called the mother of all yoga asana. This yoga pose can be done at any time of the day. Hold the pose for 30 seconds.

Other Benefits - It regulates the digestive system, restores balance, increases awareness, relieves tension, increases body energy, and improves blood circulation.

Vrikshasana (Tree Pose) - Tree Pose is a beginner-level Hatha Yoga asana that represents balance, stance, and stability. In this pose, you keep your eyes open while practicing it, unlike the other asanas which require the eyes to be closed. Do it on an empty stomach in the morning, and hold the pose for 30-60 seconds, on each leg.

Other Benefits - Vrikshasana boosts self-confidence, relaxes the nervous system, strengthens the spine, improves stability, and mental capabilities, stretches the whole boy and improves focus.

Balasana (Child Pose) - When it comes to yoga for immunity, Balasana is a great and easy pose to try to boost immune system. The pose creates a better immune system. Do it in the morning and be in the pose for 30-60 seconds.

Other Benefits- The asana strengthens back, shoulder and neck, solves the issue of dizziness and fatigue, massages internal organs, lengthens the spine, stretches thighs, hips, and ankles, calms the mind, and reduces stress and anxiety.

Utkatasana (Chair Pose) - Utkatasana or chair pose is the basic level of Vinyasa yoga asana, and is a bit difficult pose to perform. It must be done on an empty stomach in the morning. Hold the pose for at least 30 seconds.

Other Benefits - Improves body balance, increases lung capacity, helps in weight loss and management, massages abdominal organ, energizes the body, and stimulates the heart.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) - The pose is the basic level Ashtanga Yoga asana and should be done when the stomach and bowels are completely empty. Practice it daily and hold the pose for 20-30 seconds.

Other Benefits - Stimulates digestive system, reduces weight, boosts metabolism, relieves stress, elevates mood, aids kidney function, and opens lungs and heart.

Matsyasana (Fish Pose) - The best pose to flush bad toxins out of the body. It is a basic Hatha yoga asana which should be done in the morning. Practice this pose and hold it for 30-60 seconds.

Other Benefits- Improves digestion, reduces anxiety level, cures constipation, tones the parathyroid gland, relieves tension from the neck and shoulders, and helps in healthier breathing.

Eating healthy, practice breathing techniques, meditation, a walk into nature, etc., will also give a helping hand.

“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well”- Hippocrates.

And through yoga, we aware and awaken the healing force which resides in us.

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