Another “New” year is upon us – but what has changed? 

Research (in the Universities of Chicago, Milan, Harvard – the list is quite long!) tells us that, in general, normal people lead repetitive lives where little ever changes. Sure, you might have made an important career change, met the love of your life (for now!), launched a new business, or captained your club on their way to winning the cup in the year just ended. But, so what! Little, under the skin (personal or corporate) ever really changes.

How many New Year resolutions were a repeat of a previous year’s? Does this year’s new business target or budget build on last year’s performance? Are you just going through the motions? What constrains normal people and organisations from rising, spectacularly, above the norm? And wouldn’t you like to know how spectacularly successful people do it – because there are common threads between them all.

The universities conclude that approximately 96% of us are normal. I use the word normal derogatorily – because the same research indicates that normal people use less than 1% of their mental energy – consigning them, in turn, to normal, repetitive lives – where nothing spectacular ever happens.

This January I celebrate thirteen years of enabling normal people be a little abnormal – or, put another way, helping ordinary people live their lives a little extraordinarily. 

You see, some people are different – some organisations are different. We all know them – names that trip off our tongue like everyday language. Muhammed Ali, David Beckham, Nelson Mandela, Microsoft, Michael Johnson, Nike. Granted, an odd list when put side by side – but, extraordinarily successful people behave differently from the average idiot – they behave abnormally.

How? They are more focussed, single-minded and clear about what they want out of life. They can see, feel, hear, smell and taste their success – even before they have achieved it. Their secrets are spelled out in the words I’ve just used. 

Focussed, clear, single-minded – means they don’t allow their minds wander aimlessly the way a normal person’s mind wanders – the way, no doubt, your mind has wandered as you read these words. Unlike normal people, the spectacularly successful don’t beat themselves up about the past (they learn from it) nor do they worry about the future. They have the kind of here-and-now energy that enables them simply do, without procrastination, what needs to be done – effectively. You know, we all know, what that can be like – we all have that natural high from time to time – when you get so much done with such little effort. Like when you’re up against a deadline, or immersed in what you’re doing – and you feel that time flies.

Successful people eat, sleep and drink their objectives – as if they have them already – and sometimes that can be obsessive. Really successful people, however, find balance in their lives – the kind of balance we all seek – where our business or career is sweet, and our achievement brings others with us. Where we get well rewarded and we have loads of time to indulge in the things that really turn us on. 

That level of success is attainable everyday – personally, corporately, financially, health-wise and in our personal relationships.

Do you want that kind of success? Why shouldn’t you have your cake and eat it? Even if you regard yourself as a success already (and none of my clients come to me as failures seeking a magic bullet) all the research indicates that that success is measured against such a pathetic norm that, in reality, life can offer you so much more – effortlessly.

The secret to that kind of success? Simply be focussed, single-minded and clear. Gurdy shows you how, step-by-step, to be all that you can be. By taking control of your mental energy – by investing more than 1% of it in what you’re doing, you’re bound to get an awful lot more out of life.

My clients’ testimonials are full like ‘phenomenal’, ‘life-changing’, ‘unbelievable’, ‘profound’, ‘astounding’ and ‘inspiring’ to describe their new-found ability to live life to the full. You can experience that kind of life, everyday, effortlessly.

The New Year needn’t be just another year, simply built on the foundations of what has gone before – it can be a quantum leap for you. It’s simply a question of setting your mind to what you really, really want.

Author's Bio: 

Willie Horton an ex-accountant and ex-senior banker, has worked in "personal development" since 1996, enabling business leaders, sports people and ordinary people understand how state of mind creates success (or failure). They describe the results as 'unbelievable' and 'life-changing'. Willie and his family moved from Ireland to French Alps in 2002. More information at