Why Inquiring Minds Care: It’s Health And Longevity

Do you find that 95% of all Internet articles never teach you anything practical?
Can you even remember the last useful strategy or schema (diagram/pattern) you
implemented to improve your life?

Inquiring Minds read books, articles and reports to learn, remember, and apply knowledge to improve their lives or they take-a-nap. I am a Contrarian – a skeptic who has great difficulty believing information because an Authority Figure (expert) or Ancient Book (Bible) tells me to have faith. Not-good-enough, sir.

Law school teaches one thing along with legal precedents and principles – without substantial proof by way of documents, witnesses and motive – For-Get-About-It!
and go find a Mooch (true believer) for your knowledge.


Scientific Facts to Remember For Health And Longevity: if You hear a statement 27- times in close proximity – your brain accepts it as authentic-genuine-real.
Hitler used it for his agenda, but it is also true in self-improvement for your Mind-Body-Connection. Negative and positive are equally accepted by your brain.

Wait. If you intentionally repeat a thought, idea or belief aloud or silently (Internal
Dialogue) 45-times within a short period of time – it sticks like glue as a mental HABIT. The idea affects your thoughts, emotions and behavior – get it?


Are you are tired of reading about the benefits of running and boring repetitive exercises as I am? Neurobiologist Fred H. Gage sums it up. “There is a physiological
(body) link between regular exercise and neurogenesis (birth of new brain cells).”

Why? It produces more Oxygen through your carotid artery flow to the brain for
improved thinking, memory and activity. Oh yeah, our brain requires 25% of all
the Oxygen the body takes in. That is a bit much for a 3-pound coconut.

Even baby-easy exercise at your desk pumps out Endorphins (pleasure chemicals). They produce greater attention, arousal (alertness), improved Immune System, well-being, and better learning and memory. Nice.


The more complex your activities, the greater number of (cell) Synapses are firing
in multiple areas of our brain. So what? They stave off Alzheimer and Parkinson.
What do you have to regularly do for brain priming and security?

Play chess, bridge, do crossword puzzles, or learn a new subject or language.
Remember, mental exercise is as important as physical workouts. If you become
a life-long reader, you improve the odds up to 80% to avoid dementia in your
later years.

More neuro-blood vessels appear with exercising and are associated with neurogenesis, the birth of new neurons (cells).
Do emotional changes in life affect our thoughts, beliefs and behaviors?

All change is stressful. Even good changes like a promotion – upset your
mind-body connection and emotional relationships. Does poor emotional health weaken the Immune (exempt or protected) System? Heavy-Duty.

Google: Dr. Amir Soas, Case Western Reserve Medical School, in Cleveland. Use it or lose it - is a scientific fact for muscles and neurons (cells).

Cleveland Clinic Heart And Vascular Health

“The mind-body connection means that you can learn to use your thoughts to
positively influence some of your body’s physical responses to decrease Chronic Stress.”

Get this: if you can recall and bring into memory as a thought or feeling, a time
you were HAPPY, grateful or calm, this mental image causes your mind-body connection today - to make you relax and lose stress, eliminate panic and anxiety.

Mental movies and relaxed happy thoughts give you control over your present thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Your imagination, thoughts and (facial expressions) permit you to eliminate frightening, upsetting and panic-causing events in the present.

If you are going in for an operation, or testing for disease, you and I need to activate our Higher Self (positive thoughts) and our High-Guidance (nonconsciousness) for
healing and repairs.

Weird But True

Sounds weird, but you can trigger your immune system and Sympathetic Nervous System for healing and physical repairs, and to avoid chronic fears and panic. How? You have already read some of the strategies, and more are coming.

Please remember this statement not by some money-hungry guru, but by Cleveland
Clinic – they have the proof and research. Relaxation and imagination exercises
strengthen your Immune System (you heard that before), and enhance your mind-body connection to HEAL and repair.

We want you to have strategies and schema (diagram, plan and patterns) to beat
chronic stress, anxiety and fear of death and dying. How? Replace negative thoughts and emotions with lively positive ones, and learn how to Release existing scary bad

“I Know and Release Karmic, Past and Present problems with my mind-body connection 24/7, ad infinitum.” Repeat this three-times.


Take control by switching fast, shallow CHEST breathing, to slow, deep
diaphragmatic (abdominal) inhalation and exhalation. Do not complicate this:
put your left hand on your chest, and your right hand on your navel.

Now imagine you are inflating a balloon in your abdomen with each breath.
Exhale and imagine your balloon losing its air. You will see and feel your abdomen fill quicker than your chest. Exhale and permit your abdomen to fall naturally. Keep on track for about 4-5 minutes. Experiment and take control.


Repeat the same single word on each exhalation. Sit down, close your eyes and silently repeat the word – Guidance. Inhale and on each exhale, say and produce your Mantra – Guidance. A Mantra (to think) is a chant, an incantation for attention and focus.

Five minutes of deep breathing while simultaneously reciting Guidance, releases your body and mind. It also activates your immune system for repairs and healing.

Rotating Your 3-Pound Coconut

Step 1: sit at your desk, close your eyes, and lean your left ear to your left shoulder. Now, rotate your head left to right in a circular motion.
Step 2: when you reach your right shoulder, lean your right ear to it and rotate around to your left. Move left and right in circular motion
for 5-6 minutes.
Step 3: Continue relaxing your neck muscles, but stay awake.
Step 4. Keep a continuous Smile on your face – even by forcing
a fake smile because it produces healthy dopamine and

See ya,

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