Human beings are social animals. In our everyday lives, we come into contact with people at our workplaces and outside it. We are thus known and respected by the people based on how do we treat them during this interaction. In other words, our behavior and attitude determines, to a large extent, how other people behaved towards us.
It is the endeavor of every person to become popular in their social settings, earn the respect of their fellows and climb the corporate ladder in their offices. All of these are achievements which are based on several factors, but the most important determinant is how we carry ourselves among other people. Let's to take the example of Ms. Amanda Lee and Mr. Jason Smith, both of whom work at a particular logo design company.

This example would help us compare and contrast of how someone with a positive attitude and drive can move forward and become much more successful than another person who has the same skillet and portfolio but is not as good in terms of their attitude in personal and professional life.

The setting these both individuals are placed in is a logo design company. The fact that they work for a logo design company is also important because just like any modern workplace, you would expect all types of races, genders, and religious background to be working at a logo design company.

In such a setting person has a natural distance in terms of their social and educational background. At this particular logo design company, Ms. Amanda and Mr. Jason were both hired as fresh graduates of the State University with majors in Digital Design. Ms. Amanda was also interested in psychology and took several courses from the field during her education. Although there were good friends these two people had different personalities.
Ms. Amanda was always positive and carried herself around with a smile. She would make a point to interact with her co-workers and colleagues every day in the morning and shared her food with anyone who didn’t bring lunch that day.

Mr. Jason, on the other hand was mostly distant and weary of the new people he got to work with. He came to work late and would eat outside of office mostly. He also made a point to always wear headphones while he worked on his designs. Although he claimed this helped him concentrate on the work at logo Design Company, but it also made him very unapproachable.

By the time their first year had come to an end and both of them were getting appraised a manager from the design team at logo design company had quit so there was also an opening for one of them to get promoted. Since both Ms. Amanda and Mr. Jason had the same education and very similar quality of work, it was up to their supervisor and co-workers to decide on who would get that promotion. It wasn’t surprising to learn by best assignment writing service that Ms. Amanda was chosen based on her superior behavior at work at the logo design company

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Author's Bio:
Oscar Shepherd is a Creative Graphics Designer & Digital Marketer by his profession. He also uses to write his opinions on different topics.